AZZLY Integrated EHR/PM/PHR Software

Most Recent Release : Updated Periodically | Most Recent Version :2010

Certification : InfoGard
Certification Period : Runs certified for the practice period 2011-12.
Market Reach : Expansive market penetration in major clinical destinations in the US, and the adjoining regions..
Certification Type :


One of the leading integrated medical software solutions that combine EHR, PM, and PHR systems, AZZLY Integrated EHR/PM/PHR Software is an ingenious make of AZZLY, a progressive company endeavoring to medical software solutions.

Its EHR – enriched with intuitive dashboard, integrated medications database, patient encounter documentation web-based/hosted solution, medical outcomes reporting and e-prescribing – is an instant vehicle for achieving Meaningful Use Objectives Stage One, Stage Two, Stage Three for qualification to incentives under ARRA.

Complementing its comprehensive EHR solution are its Practice Management solutions – complete with e-billing and coding,  patient scheduling and registration, interoffice communications, referrals, follow-up, and patient – and PHR system – capable of storing and processing patient data hold key to efficient clinical management.

Thus, AZZLY’s triple combination of EHR, PM, and PHS proves to be a perfect dose for the practices willing to transform themselves into cost-optimizing and revenue maximizing entities.

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