ClearPractice Integrated suite Clinical Management Softwares

Most Recent Release : 2010 | Most Recent Version :N/A

Certification : Drummond Group Inc.
Certification Period : Runs ONC-ATCB compliant for the current practice period
Market Reach : Substantial exposure nationwide, covering small, medium, and large clinical settings..
Certification Type :


This integrated suite of Clinical Management Softwares – comprising Electronic Medical Record system (EMR), Practice Management System (PMS), Electronic Prescribing, and Personal Health Record – comes from the company that was the first to the first to deliver a SaaS-based integrated EMR and Practice Management System, helping physicians break new ground in office efficiency as they break down technical barriers that once stood in the way, rather than enhanced, patient care.

While ClearPractice’s Electronic Medical System (EMR) ensures review and manage emails, test results, refill requests, phone calls, referrals, radiology reports, transcription, schedules, and more within a single screen, its comprehensive Practice Management System is complete with flexible and easy-to-use scheduling module for maximum practice production, scheduling of clinical staff, equipment, and hospital rounds. In between all of this, its unique Person Health Record system takes care of physicians and office staff’s task related to sending and receiving secure emails to and from their patients.

ClearPractice is also integrated with ePrescribing, with an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface designed to expedite the prescription writing process; new medications can be prescribed in 4 clicks of the mouse and medication renewals can be completed in only 2 clicks.

Thus, performing comprehensive clinical management tasks, ClearPractice Integrated suite for Clinical Management Softwares is quite capable of supporting Meaningful Use criterion for qualifying to incentives under ARRA scheme.

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