Clinicient EMR Clinical Documentation Software

Most Recent Release : January, 2011 | Most Recent Version :Version: 5.0

Certification : HIPAA Compliant
Certification Period : Updated periodically
Market Reach : Major clinical centers in many states across the US.
Certification Type :


Specifically developed for Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and other Outpatient Rehabilitation practices, Clinicient EMR Clinical Documentation software is quite adept at accomplishing compliant clinical documentation with unprecedented accuracy, speed and efficiency, so that practitioners can spend more time focusing on patient care and outcomes.
While helping therapists create physical therapy documentation that is simple to use, easy to customize, fast and compliant, Clinicient, with its fully integrated web-based software system, also enables sharing  PT documentation, notes and records with networked  staff as needed and accessing files from remote locations.
Thus, being comprehensive, scalable, and flexible, Clinicient proves to be enabler of clinical documentation, optimizing clients’ operational costs, and maximize revenues through seamless realization of medical claims. The following package of advantages stand testimony to its value-delivery to quality-discerning clients:

  • Includes an extensive library of chart templates easily customized to accommodate all types of therapy specialties
  • Provides the flexibility to easily create protocols for any type of patient condition, discipline, workflow or treatment
  • Easily monitors patient progress, saving time and improving patient care; assess patients, figure patient plans, and set goals
  • Provides the ability to communicate quickly and professionally with physicians
  • Maximizes revenue per therapist and assures faster payment
  • Simplifies staff and billing efforts with an intuitive, integrated software system

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