Corepoint Integration Engine

Most Recent Release : Current 2011 | Most Recent Version :Version 4.2.4

Certification : Drummond Group Inc.
Certification Period : 2011-2012
Market Reach : Corepoint Integration Engine’s clientele comprise some of the leading large healthcare organizations in the US and the rest of regions..
Certification Type :


Ranked the number one interface engine by KLAS for both 2009 and 2010, Corepoint Integration Engine is specifically built for delivering solid functionality and performance to meet the high demands of today’s healthcare environment; Corepoint Integration Engine ingeniously achieves this balance through intuitive and sophisticated electronically automated medical software.

Working on a robust clinical management functionality integrated with comprehensive practice management features, Corepoint Integration Engine is built simply to transform clinical practices through:

  • Developing a range of healthcare interfaces – simple to complex – with complete confidence and flexibility to meet the data exchange requirements driven by internal requirements and HITECH & Meaningful Use.
  • Enhancing service levels with proactive alerts customized monitoring, and configurable access.
  • Supporting doing-more in less time and achieving balance in everyday activities,  Corepoint Health’s extensive healthcare integration experience shines through with proven, game-changing methods to develop, test, deploy, and manage healthcare interfaces.
  • Approaching each customer relationship with close collaboration, active listening, and unmatched support, Corepoint Integration Engine is committed to high integrity in all its interactions.

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