Most Recent Release : Current, 2012 | Most Recent Version :Dentrix G4

Certification : Dentrix conforms to the benchmarked standards in Dental Clinical Practices.
Certification Period :
Market Reach : Dentrix, by virtue of a credible standing for more 20 years, has an impressive market presence across diverse dental clinical settings in the U.S..
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If there is an IT product that meets comprehensive clinical and operational management needs of dental practices, then it has to be Dentrix. Dentrix, with over 20 years’ credible market presence and more than 30,000 installations, has truly been the undisputed leader in practice management solutions for dental practices. While its feature-rich technology platform not only augments clinical efficiency but also adds considerably to practices’ bottom-line through operational efficiency in terms of revenue realization through streamlined billing practices.

Further, Dentrix powerful integrated eServices is designed to boost productivity internally: time-consuming tasks, such as submitting patient insurance claims, sending appointment reminders, processing patient payments and entering patient data are automated in such a way that your internal staff can devote majority of the office hours towards augmenting clinical efficiency rather than doing paper work alone.

More importantly, Dentrix carries the after-sales service guarantee from the Henry Schein’s dedicated team for customer service.

Incidentally, the latest release of Dentrix G4 – armed with powerful new tools for elevating practice management efficiency – is further going to improve patient experience and simplify profitability management. The latest Detrix G4 comprises:

  • Dentrix Mobile – can easily be accessed over smart phone and mobile device for controlling clinical and operational management tasks.
  • Dentrix Kiosk – can easily be run on Apple iPad or touchscreen PC
  • Dentrix Practice Advisor – helps in comparing the financial and operational health of your practice with industry benchmarks.
  • Profitability coaching – offers coaching program in using Dentrix for boosting profitability.

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