eDerm, web-based EHR and PMS for Dermatologists

Most Recent Release : Current 2011 | Most Recent Version :v2.0

Certification : eDerm Systems is 2011-2012 compliant and certified by the Certification Commission for Health Information Technology (CCHIT)
Certification Period : Runs valid for the current practice period, 2011-2012
Market Reach : eDerm is adopted by a majority of Dermatology Practices across the US, and the adjoining regions..
Certification Type : Complete


Empowering dermatologists with speed and accuracy in clinical and practice management, eDerm Systems, a talent-pool of expert dermatologists themselves, have designed this ingenious web-based EHR and PMS for dermatologists.

Scalable and flexible with diverse dermatology practice needs, eDerm is similar to the way dermatologists currently use paper charts, but with greater efficiency and the increased speed of electronic health records. Consequently, practices’ clinical documentation gets a new dimension with:

  • Automatic creation of consent form with procedure and body location that can be electronically signed by the patient.
  • Bringing histories forward from past visits.
  • Queuing up the patient and practice biopsy log searches and sorts by patient, disease, laboratory used, date range and pathology status, such as pending and received from lab, untreated cancer and treated cancer.
  • Keeping an active problem list of each patient, including plan of care and all of the work completed during the patient's previous visits. Past work can be copied into the current visit.
  • Viewing patient charts in chronological order or look at subsections of charts, such as visit note, addendums, pathology, operational reports, blood work, cultures, medical records, prescriptions, miscellaneous procedures, biopsies, letters, body images, patient comments, instruction, biopsy log, consents, disease dictionary and phone messages.

Simultaneously, eDerm’s comprehensive Practice Management features – automatic coding, e-Prescriptions, instant verification of insurance, electronic billing – accelerate revenue generation from compliant claim submission and realization.

Exuding the sense of authentication, eDerm Systems is 2011/2012 compliant and was certified as a Complete EHR on June 1, 2011 by the Certification Commission for Health Information Technology (CCHIT).

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