Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Software

Most Recent Release : September, 2010 | Most Recent Version :v4.3.2

Certification : HIPAA compliant
Certification Period : Runs certified for the practice period 2011
Market Reach : Progressive penetration into major medical markets across the US, and the adjoining regions..
Certification Type :


This simple yet efficient Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software integrated with Practice Management functionalities is a unique product conception and development from BioSoftWorld . Recognizing the importance of economy products for already cash-crunch medical practices, BioSoftWorld’s moderately priced Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software is quite popular with cost-conscious and quality-discerning medical practices.

Compliant with HIPAA norm for electronic medical recording, storing and reporting, it quite lives up to the reputation of being an efficient platform for clinical management as well as practice management. Therefore, practitioners can look forward to the dual-advantage of operational excellence and revenue maximization.
Operating on secure environment, Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software:

  • Ensures data secrecy and privileged access through passwords
  • Can easily be accessed by Desktop, Laptops, and other portable devices connected to internet.
  • Is compatible with  Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 operating systems

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