Most Recent Release : November, 2011 | Most Recent Version :eScribeHOST v5.0.19

Certification : CCHIT
Certification Period : Runs valid for the current practice period, 2011-2012
Market Reach : eScribeHOST is adopted by a majority of practices across the US, and the adjoining regions..
Certification Type : Complete


eScribeHOST platform is recognized by top physicians and institutions as the finest and most cost-effective of the available EMR Solutions; its latest CTA Reporting capability further enhances reputation as a comprehensive and integrated EMR solution that enables efficient clinical documentation and practice management.

eScribeHOST platform provides a wide range of features that benefit medical practices and hospitals, such as Standard CTA Reporting of:

  • CTA Coronaries
  • CTA Neck
  • CTA Abdomen/Pelvis
  • CTA Upper Extremities
  • CTA Lower Extremities
  • Calcium Score Reports
  • Built-in T Code Support
  • CT Angiography Productivity Reporting

eScribeHOST platform is quite capable of delivering diverse benefits, such as

  • Designed to be easy to use with single sign-on access
  • Integration with existing systems to provide access, storage, and retrieval for a variety of other reports
  • Seamless integration with radiology overread
  • Increased efficiency and high ROI
  • Consistency and standardization in report creation
  • Uncompromising safety and security
  • Auto-fax feature for saving time and money

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