iNexx from Medicity

Most Recent Release : Current, 2011 | Most Recent Version :v 4.0

Certification : Certified by Drummond Group Inc.
Certification Period : Runs valid for the current practice period, 2011-2012
Market Reach : Being an open-source technology platform, reaches out to a majority of small, medium, and large medical facilities across the US, and the adjoining regions.
Certification Type :


iNexx – a free software solution designed to help collaborate with other providers and to meet specific technology and workflow needs – is the first revolutionary  modular product for healthcare IT application design and delivery.

Enabling the requisite HIE infrastructure and applications for meeting ‘Meaningful Use’ criterion, iNexx is comes fortified with effective data collaboration, timely access to critical clinical information, and clinical decision-making tool-aids.

Recognizing the diverse care settings and their unique work flow needs, the scalable and flexible iNexx platform offers the requisite customization that physician facilities dearly need. And being a free and open-source platform, iNexx allows physicians:

  • to set up y secure collaboration network
  • To download and install the applications needed to fill functionality gaps in their practices’ existing technology.

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