MagView Radiology EHR (6.4)

Most Recent Release : August 2011 | Most Recent Version :v6.4

Certification : Certified by Drummond Group Inc.
Certification Period : Runs valid for the current practice period, 2011-2012
Market Reach : Has diverse composition of small, medium, and large Radiology and Imaging Centers across the US, and the adjoining regions..
Certification Type : Complete


MagView Radiology EHR (6.4), an ONC-ATCB certified Complete EHR for Ambulatory Care, has met and been certified in all of the required and optional certification criteria to become the only dedicated radiology and/or breast imaging system to be certified as a Complete Ambulatory EHR.

Designed specifically for use in coordination with mammography, MagView Radiology EHR (6.4) offers scalable and flexible mammography software –  fortified with patient tracking, mammography reporting, quality assurance reporting, department and workflow management, breast cancer risk assessment, and patient navigator  features – which helps case managers continue from initial imaging through treatment and further. It is also infused with automated reminders and overdue follow-up flags.

MagView Radiology EHR’s ability to allow clinicians to attest that they are able to meet all of the requirements of meaningful use of EHR software, while ensuring compliant clinical and practice management with operational efficiency and revenue maximization makes it an ideal fit for Imaging Facility Centers that need the twin-advantage of operational efficiency and qualification for Meaningful Use incentive schemes under ARRA.

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