MedLink TotalOffice

Most Recent Release : September 2008 | Most Recent Version :Version 3.1

Certification : 2008 CCHIT Certified HER
Certification Period : Runs certified for the practice period 2011-12, and renewed for subsequent annual periods.
Market Reach : Substantial exposure nationwide, especially in Chiropractic/Physiotherapy, and multispecialty centers across the US..
Certification Type :


One of the seven qualified EHRs by CMS that conform to quality reporting measures, MedLink TotalOffice is fully integrated and automated EHR software on medical billing and health record tools for efficient physician practice management. While its ingenuity in medical billing allows physicians to manage their patients’ insurance claims through seamlessly integrated process of generating and submitting accurate bills that substantially reduce the probability of insurance claim rejections by the insurance providers, its comprehensive practice management tools – complete with electronic health record, including doctor notes, prescription, and clinical management – ensures efficient data compilation for flawless medical administration.

While its simplicity in being hosted on our centrally-located servers saves physicians from investing on expensive hardware installation and maintenance, its scalability and flexibility to adapt to diverse practice settings makes it popular amongst diverse medical practitioners.

Therefore, if you are looking for simple yet sophisticated EHR, Medlink TotalOffice should be an ideal choice.

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