Most Recent Release : Current, 2011 | Most Recent Version :V7.6

Certification : 2011-2012 compliant and certified by the Certification Commission for Health Information Technology (CCHIT).
Certification Period : Runs valid for the current practice period, 2011-2012
Market Reach : MicroMD reaches out small, medium, and large clinical centers across the US, and the adjoining regions; MicroMD EMR currently enjoys a patronage of over 14,000 physicians in primary care, as well as all major medical and surgical specialties..
Certification Type : Complete


Quite convinced of its commitment to ensure comprehensive and flexible paperless solution, Solo practices, large groups and health centers rely on the MicroMD EMR to create a paperless environment, improve workflow, enhance care delivery and boost productivity. MicroMD EMR’s Immediate, shared access capabilities to patient data minimizes paperwork and maximizes productivity.

MicroMD EMR integrates with your practice management system to expedite care, enhance accuracy and improve reimbursement. Available as either client-server or web-based ASP software, MicroMD EMR is a scalable and flexible solution that allows practitioners to improve efficiency, maximize growth and meet regulatory requirements.

MicroMD EMR’s multiple functionalities make it a one-stop solution for diverse physician needs, such as:

  •  Meaningful Use Functionality that helps practices to earn incentives for being compliant with HITECH objective of ensuring ‘Meaningful Use’ of EHR/EMR.
  •  Patient Portal for Flexible, two-way patient-to-practice communications
  •  Clinical Documentation that enables choosing the method that works for unique practice needs.
  •  E&M Coding for claiming full reimbursement with confidence
  •  Health Maintenance, Alerts and Reminders to promote healthy outcomes
  •  e-Prescribing to Improve medication safety, enhance workflow and save time
  •  Clinical Dashboard to enable Viewing patient’s most pertinent data at once
  •  Image Management and Annotation to save pictures, clinical images and anatomical diagrams
  •  Desktop Management to Manage workload on your own terms
  •  Specialty-Driven Templates for Customizing your EMR with ease
  •  Physician Order Tracking: to have confidence in patient compliance
  •  Device Connectivity to see clinical data from medical devices in real time
  •  Systems Integration and Interoperability for exploring a range of features and benefits, either through Open-architecture design or Bi-directional lab connectivity

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