PsychConsult Provider

Most Recent Release : Recent Release in 2011 | Most Recent Version :Most Recent Version: 7.0.1

Certification : CCHIT, a premier certifying body on ONC-ATCB compliance
Certification Period : 2011-12
Market Reach : Extensively adopted by Psychology, Psychiatric, Behavioral Health, and Addiction Treatment Disciplines in the US..
Certification Type : Modular


Product of leaders in behavioral software solutions, Psychoconsult Provider is an ingenious and integrated EMR system fully capable of addressing behavioral health practitioners’ needs. Comprehensive and flexible enough to accommodate diverse inpatient, outpatient and residential situations, Psychoconsult Provider’s integrated approach to capturing and processing of clinical data significantly elevates efficiency in practice management and medical billing management.

Combining its architectural superiority with scalable feature, Psychoconsult Provider offers behavioral practitioners ample scope for customizing to their unique practice needs and demands. Consequently, Psychoconsult Provider has come to be recognized as widely used EMR solution across the majority of Behavioral Treatment Centers in US.

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