The Cabinet NG Electronic Filing System

Most Recent Release : October 2010 | Most Recent Version :Version: 6.5

Certification : HIPAA Compliant
Certification Period : Updated periodically
Market Reach : Major clinical centers in many states across the US.
Certification Type :


Cabinet NG Electronic Filing System is reliable software for documenting patient-centric information. Its unique digital filing capability ensures faster, accurate, and secure storage of clinical information for timely referencing and collaborative clinical decision-making. Proven to be radical improvement over manual filing system, Cabinet NG Electronic Filing System can accomplish the dual-task of cost-optimization and revenue maximization through efficient document management of clinical data.

Compliant with HIPAA norm for medical data compilation and reporting, Cabinet NG Electronic Filing System’s value-added features are relatively superior and are endorsed by quality discerning practitioners across the major medical destinations in the US and its adjoining regions.

Cabinet NG Electronic Filing System’s notable features are:

  • processing and creating diverse file formats
  • structuring files into different layers
  • scheduling  documents, files, or folders as per clinical seniority or urgency
  • ensure smooth search of files, documents or folders
  • flexible interface for connecting locally or hosted over the internet
  • system administered controlled access ensuring secure access,  audit, and reporting of clinical data
  • enabling seamless workflow of processing invoices for payment, reviewing contracts, entering billing information, order entry, etc
  • integrating data-filing with other systems for greater reach and processing within the medical facility

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