Learn about the code structure of ICD-10,it's impact on your practice, ways to alleviate losses and work around denials post ICD-10. All this put together in form of an E-book for your convenience.

ICD-10 E-book

ICD-10 transition date is fast approaching and is set to impact every part of your practice like never before. We understand your concerns about confronting the change and how unnerving this can get for your practice. Keeping in pace with the workflow and avoiding any impact to it is a huge responsibility on you and your team. The transition may be overwhelming but it doesn't have to be so. With MBC's solutions and sales support, you be sure of shedding the burden off your shoulders and look for a smooth transition.

You can refer to our e-book for more clarity on the ICD-10 coding system which will be of substantial help in traversing through the ICD-10 wave. The e-book includes the impact of ICD-10, guidelines for a smooth transition, strategies to deal with the outcome and how ICD-10 can be an easy task if a few simple tips are followed. The e-book will help you with the following

  • How will ICD-10 affect your practice
  • How to choose the right codes
  • Mitigate losses in your practice owing to ICD-10
  • Importance of testing and more testing

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