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Otolaryngology billing and coding is not difficult for the right person. It demands attention to detail because nothing can be misheard when processing patient statistics and everything needs to be allocated to the proper code.

You may be facing a number of challenges if you are seeking help from your old AR data and denial management practices. What is the best for your practice?

Challenges faced by Otolaryngology billing and coding

  • Not Coding the Highest Level
  • Bad Documentation/Missing Documentation
  • Failing to Use Current/Updated Code Sets
  • Under- and Over coding
  • Failure to observe the entire claims process
  • Failure to have a financial policy
  • Strategies that aren't covered or require pre-authorization

In short, Otolaryngology billing and coding is dynamic and continues to evolve.

As a result, Otolaryngology professionals involved in revenue cycle management often face a number of challenges that range from billing errors to failures in processes. It's vital for practitioners to look at ways to improve the practices RCM.

Best Practices for Otolaryngology Billing

Trust, but first verify:

Ensure a well-established procedure for patient's insurance verification.

Cash is king

When services are provided, payment is due. Encourage full-payments & reduce time to revenue.

Success with trials:

If at first you don't succeed, prepare now by establishing a proper checklist to follow when submitting Otolaryngology claims.

Improve AR and denials:

Every Otolaryngology practice experiences claim denials & the best performing practices have denial rates below 5%.

Efficient billing and collections is critical to the success and profitability of your Otolaryngology practice.

Inappropriate denied claims by insurance payers creates headache, and is unfair to your practice. With MBC, we provide denial management remedy, file appeals, and fight for your claims.

MBC Expertise in Otolaryngology

MBCs services ensure you do not miss out on potential profits due to improper billing, coding, or lack of vital information required for Podiatry billing. Our expertise which comes through years of experience dealing in Podiatry billing can help you avoid -

  • Undefined roles and unplanned responsibilities of Otolaryngology staff
  • Duplication of work, hampering turnaround time
  • Discontented customers due to inconsistent services
  • Situations arising from lack of information dealing with insurance clauses
  • BBilling system that lacks in scalability and flexibility

With essential resources at our disposal, our services are packed with methodologies and strategies that have contributed in bringing a sound financial health to practitioners across US. An experience of 16+ years in billing and coding services, MBC has an edge over others in efficient billing, emerging in revenue increase for Otolaryngology .

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