An Outsource Billing Service for your value-based Chiropractic facility

Chiropractic Billing Service to minimize your Denials and promote your Reimbursement.


Are you looking for more than one billing quotes?



We say, what we do (MBC) gives your Chiropractic Billing the Service of skilled Coders and Billers

Patient verification in less than 24-hour.

Timely patient appointments will help to promote your radiology revenue generation.

Chiropractic Coders.

A team of certified coders will assist your chiropractic coding.

Account Receivable (AR) management with daily follow-up.

A daily report of your Account Receivable (AR) will help you track the revenue status.


Physicians Credentialing helps your Chiropractic Practice increase Practice Demography.

What is the best option for outsourcing your chiropractic billing?

As the shift from fee-based care to value-based results into changing the patient care, we want to keep the Chiropractic billing same for you. Your reimbursement will not be depreciated by the value-based care it will be promoted with your facility.

You may be facing a number of challenges if you are seeking help for your old AR data and denial management practices. What is the best option for outsourcing your chiropractic billing?

With technology, and human resource for your chiropractic billing and coding, our services are packed with methodologies and strategies that have contributed in bringing a sound financial health to practitioners across the US. An experience of 18 years in billing and coding services, MBC provides an edge for your Chiropractic billing and coding.

Customer Testimonials

"My Chiropractic practice was struggling with denials and managing the AR became cumbersome for me. MBC provided the necessary resource with reduction in cost of running the practice." DC. Justin Reed.

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