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We have been a pioneering in the field of practice collection with over 18 years of experience and catering to the needs of more than 40 specialties in the field of healthcare. Providing an end to end revenue channel for practices this has helped practices to reduce the turnaround time payment to less than 24 hours.

Technology is one factor which can promote reimbursement process for any specialty. The first step towards a collectible practice is a need for practice management software which will automate the features that will streamline the billing practice. The portal will channelize your practice and collections in the right direction without affecting your practice.

Currently, our company is providing its service to more than 50 clients around the states. We have reduced the denials to less than 1 percent and drastically improved the practice collection up to 99 percent for all practices. MedicalBillersandCoders (MBC) can play one of the most indispensable part of your practice collection.

  • Are claims filed for your practice mostly denied?
  • Is Account Receivable (AR) for your practice burned down by denials?
  • How can practice charges and insurance claims be filed on time?
  • How can you improve your Account Receivable (AR) collection?
  • How the process of document verification and patient demographic entry messes up most of time?