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MBC encourages AAPI’s endeavor in improving global healthcare

Wilmington, 18th January, 2012

This year the 5th annual AAPI Indo- US Healthcare Summit was successfully held in Hyderabad, India on January 3rd & 4th 2012, addressing key health care issues across the globe. reaffirming AAPI’s commitment to improve healthcare globally were part of the summit, which was chaired by the AAPI President Sunita Kanumury, MD.

Post this term the arduous responsibility of taking this noble cause will be headed by Dr Narendra Kumar. AAPI being a premier ethnic medical association, headquartered in Illinois serves more than 150 member associations in the United States. The association founded in 1982, currently comprises of over 60,000 physicians and over 20,000 Medical Students and Residents.

The association strives to counteract major challenges in healthcare globally such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer and through these summits for the past 5 years AAPI endeavors to bring together healthcare professionals across the globe in spreading awareness for this venture.

The summit areas of focus included various healthcare specialties endeavoring to spread awareness about healthcare. The discussion and speakers enlightened the audience about crucial key areas in healthcare like Cardiology, Ophthalmology, Oncology, Gynecology, providing insight and fresh perspectives. AAPI’s focus of improvement in quality of healthcare in these areas coincides with MBC’s aim to help physicians catering to varied specialties deliver quality healthcare and the summit gave MBC an avenue to interact with and discuss the same. supports AAPI‘s efforts

MBC salutes AAPI’s attempt through the summit and other avenues in encouraging Young Physicians, Medical Students, Residents and Healthcare professionals in the US and across the globe in addressing healthcare issues and providing the right path.

It was a pleasure for MBC to interact with physicians who mirror concerns that plague healthcare across the globe, at the summit.  At we are constantly striving to facilitate healthcare by alleviating the financial burden of physicians - as once the financial burden is resolved the physicians can solely concentrate on improving healthcare, hence MBC completely supports and appreciates this venture by AAPI to take healthcare to the next level.  

MBC post the summit in the New Year is optimistic & eager to promote positive healthcare initiatives and looks forward to similar ventures in the future.

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