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Know the current happenings at Medicalbillersandcoders and it's participation in making billing and coding a simpler process. invites an Expert Panel of Billing Specialists

Wilmington, 10th July, 2012

Medical Billers and Coders consistently update themselves and strive to remain ahead in the ever-so-competitive field of medical billing.  We identified gaps in the market and set ourselves the challenge of meeting industry requirements. With payer denials on the rise and physicians facing loss of revenue due to proposed re-imbursement cuts, the need for proficient billing and coding specialists has never been felt more strongly before. MBC has a dedicated job portal that screens skilled coding and billing professionals but we feel there is a need to do more, hence we are creating a panel of experts who are pioneers in their field and can bring with them extensive billing and coding experience.

The outcome we are trying to achieve by doing this is:

  • To establish a specialist’s panel who can advice and guide physician practices/ group practices & hospital departments and lend the expertise they have accumulated by working with specific specialties over years.

Billing and coding specialists remain behind the curtain but without their expert knowledge the healthcare industry wouldn’t be what it is today. MBC wants to be ‘the platform’ for those specialists who wish to share their knowledge and guide physicians and hospitals to optimize their revenue by applying the best ways of billing and coding practices. Hence, MBC would like to invite experienced professionals with proven capabilities, who have handled case studies and enriched their knowledge by venturing into various arenas of medical billing.

The Panel will consist of:

  • Specialists with more than 15 years of experience in a particular specialty
  • Professionals with advanced knowledge of Medical Billing functions
  • Experts with know-how of certain best breed software and specific payer dealing

By sharing this vision with MBC, billing and coding specialists can give a voice to their opinions and help physicians in the complex ways of medical billing. So far, healthcare providers have felt the noticeable absence of a public forum where advice can be sought from independent consultants.  Our platform provides the perfect opportunity for specialists to add value to their profile by interfacing with other skilled panelists and at the same time credentialing their work by associating with a competent organization such as Medical billers and coders. We at MBC endeavor to showcase the abilities and recognitions achieved by our panelists and giving credit where it’s long overdue.

How will  Specialists Benefit from Partnership with MBC:

  • Specialists can add credentials of consulting to their current accomplishments
  • Open other channels of revenue for themselves by networking with clients
  • A platform to publish their opinions and get their voice heard
  • Industry Representation and networking on MBC’s behalf for proven experts

We believe in sharing knowledge and keeping abreast with the best industry practices, hence we like to be on equal footing with people who are market leaders. Come on board with us and see your career reach new heights.

About is the largest 'Consortium of Medical Billers and Coders,' across the US. The portal brings together hundreds of billers, with experience in different specialties, on the same platform to service physicians in their local areas. This network of coders and billers is growing rapidly and is currently servicing over 50 specialty physicians, across the US with the most prominent being Dental Medical Billing, Radiology Medical Billing, Chiropractic Medical Billing, Dermatology Medical Billing and other 43 Specialties.

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