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MBC Helps Cardiologists tackle changes in Medicare rates and other cardiology billing challenges

Wilmington, January 29, 2013

Since the release of final 2013 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule by CMS on 1st Nov. 2012, has seen a rush of cardiology centers from various states of the US to outsource their cardiology billing and coding operations or show eagerness to improve their in-house revenue management system.

Identifying cardiology billing challenges

A look at the Medicare rate changes wrought by CMS explains this panic rush to billing and coding safety by cardiology centers. The new fee proposal discourages administration of multiple cardiology procedures to a patient in a day so that if a patient is provided with more than one cardiology service in a day, the technical component of the less expensive service will be reduced by 25 percent. CMS has kept diagnostic and therapeutic cardiology services in this reductive ambit and left out several other service types. The challenge it gives billers and coders is that they have to be able to separate therapeutic and diagnostic cardiology procedures from other ones and assign appropriate codes.

This may not sound difficult to an uninitiated person; but being a complex treatment with overlapping procedures, cardiology has never been an easy line of treatment to translate into foolproof insurance claims. This problem which will become more biting now given that a biller and coder has to combine a nuanced knowledge of cardiology procedures with sound knowledge of billing and coding, failing which may result in submission of inaccurate claims leading to shrinkage of revenue returns.

MBC’s role in helping Cardiologists

Although the billing and coding challenge facing US cardiologists are the same, MBC understands that the solution to it varies from one cardiology center to another depending on organizational size and operational needs. And MBC’s service modules are flexible enough to fit all of them- whether you require outsourcing of your entire billing needs or only require consultancy services.

As part of our Revenue Cycle Consulting services, MBC does a thorough assessment of your operations and work out areas of operational lapses and revenue leakages. This will involve identifying training needs of your billing and coding staff and where necessary training them, replacing your old bumbling software applications with new ones and spotting areas of revenue leakage.

On the other hand, with MBC’s outsourcing services, many medium-sized care providers have also been able to optimize their resource utility by directing internal staff to core healthcare activities, improve their control over operating costs and have seamless claim realization.

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MBC’s services have helped cardiology centers to overcome following cardiology billing challenges:

  • Complex codes: MBC’s coders have sound knowledge of CPT and ICD codes combined with an in-depth knowledge of interventional cardiology coding, cardiac catheterization laboratory coding, electrophysiology coding and cardiac computerized tomography angiography (CCTA) coding.
  • Adherence to HIPAA and ARRA: MBC’s coders are very familiar with these norms and ensure strict adherence to them maintaining complete confidentiality and privacy where required.
  • Over or under coding: The over-and-under-billing syndrome is very common in cardiology billing. MBC’s coders are conversant enough with cardiology procedures so as to assign appropriate cardiology codes regardless of intricacies of cardiology procedures.

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