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OBGYN Practices Choose Medicalbillersandcoders.Com To Curb Dwindling Profit Margins!

Wilmington, Delaware, August 13, 2013 expertise in OBGYN billing has recently helped deliver significant value for various practices across US. As OBGYN practices across US watch their costs rise and tackle unusual medical billing concerns; there has been a marked increase in demand for experienced billing specialists at MBC to help reduce shrinking profit margins.

Dwindling profit margins has become a major concern amongst these practices across US, and MBC billers are constantly working towards not only accurately billing, but also collecting every dollar owed for their clients.

MBC billing experts are of the view that the various unique billing challenges related to OBGYN can cause considerable payment slowdowns and confusion, hence need to be tackled effectively. MBC experts are aware that OBGYN medical billing can be complex, hence involving numerous challenges, which billers need to keep in mind such as-

  • Global billing
  • Billing for antepartum and postpartum care
  • Billing for complicated surgeries and usage of modifiers
  • Constant changes in terms of recommended tests
  • Dealing with new procedures and new technologies while billing
  • Broken global which occurs if new insurance is obtained during pregnancy

How does curb dwindling profit margins?

In–depth research and expertise in OBGYN billing has helped MBC experts tackle these challenges, and help curb the shrinking bottom-line of various practices. MBC billing experts are able to reduce the complexities surrounding OBGYN billing by-

  • Effectively  tracking  underpayments and increasing collections by nearly 10%
  • Deciphering the numerous and complicated rules related to multiple-procedures

Being a medical billing service with expertise in OBGYN billing; MBC knows how to deal with all the situations described above and also has the expertise to effectively appeal denied claims being familiar with the various procedures and terminologies used.

The team at MBC handles the medical billing process; right from charge entry, insurance claims submission and denial management to revenue follow-up ensuring that physicians and their practice’s get paid for all of the services that they provide. The certified coders review every procedure for accuracy, segregating claims which are difficult to be paid compared to the easier claims.

Being aware of the many challenges facing physicians when it comes to OBGYN billing, MBC manages to maximize profits by offering medical billing services which look into various other aspects  like –

  • Revenue growth issues
  • Curbing growth in costs
  • Increasing cash flow while complying with all state, local, and federal laws

Additionally the team also studies the practice set-up to help guide the physician to achieve streamlined medical billing.  MBC’s expertise in complex claim submissions allows OBGYN practices to focus on their patients medical needs while eliminating loss of revenue, also assisting practices track their bottom line and their revenue growth.

About is the largest 'Consortium of Medical Billers and Coders,' across the US. The portal brings together hundreds of billers, with experience in different specialties (Internal Medicine Billing, Cardiology Billing, Podiatry Billing, Family Practice Billing, Radiology Billing, OBGYN Billing), on the same platform to service physicians in their local areas. This network of coders and billers is growing rapidly and is currently servicing over 50 specialty physicians, across the US.

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