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Know the current happenings at Medicalbillersandcoders and it's participation in making billing and coding a simpler process. assists Optometry Practices handle varied payers & plans effectively!

Wilmington, Delaware, october 28, 2013 expertise in Optometry billing has recently helped handle various payers and plans successfully delivering significant value to various Optometry practices across US. MBC experts believe that the best way to learn billing is with years of experience and after having faced a few rejections.

With 14 years of expertise in Optometry billing MBC can easily help practices understand varied payers along with new billing regulations and reforms. Optometrists have experienced a dramatic shift from private-paying patients to third-party payer systems in the past few years, and though managed care plans enable, the eye care practitioners (ECP), to attract patients it also comes with its share of challenges. This is because all plans are not equal; and the different rules and payments can at times frustrate the ECPs, office administrators and patients.

Ascertaining the type of plan –

MBC optometry billers have been guiding various optometrists to help make the right decision while reviewing varied patient plans and acquire optimum reimbursements. Few areas to look into while dealing with optometry billing payer plans include-

  • Be discriminating about the plans you accept, especially certain plans which may require the use of specific labs
  • Ascertain if there are multiple levels, or variations, on plan coverage
  • Study the plans in details as few plans are evasive and don't provide all the information upfront
  • Evaluate the scope of care you want to offer for treating the medical eye condition; to ascertain whether you want to be on both the optical as well as the medical panel. This is because many plans reimburse better on the medical side than on the optical side
  • Study the plans to ensure they allow providers on their panel and are not closed
  • Find out how much it pays, how often it pays and what companies it covers in your area
  • Avoid plans with very low reimbursements which won't cover your overhead or promote practice growth

Handling varied payers –

MBC experts believe that educating the staff on dealing with payers is the key to avoid any surprises for the optometry practice and it patients. The staff needs to ascertain in advance a new patient’s insurance coverage and you are a provider on the new patient’s panel. If you are a provider and there's a co-pay, inform the patient in advance. Moreover the staff needs to obtain the patient's insurance number, policy number or group number and date of birth and follow up with the insurance company. Overall the staff or the providers need to ascertain-

  • The amount of reimbursement to be received from the payer
  • If the plan covers only vision or only medical  or both
  • How much the patient pays out of pocket

Role of in helping Optometrists with payers

Though third-party billing has now become a way of life for most optometry practices, yet many prefer outsourcing their medical billing and coding. MBC with the right experience has learnt the art of making the insurance companies work for you instead of your working for them. MBC is an experienced billing company providing optometry billing services across all 50 US states. MBC already works with practices in over 30 states, and hence is updated with most of the insurance payers and state Medicaids.

MBC optometry billing specialists ensure-

  • Maximum insurance reimbursements by working every unpaid claim
  • Posting insurance payments accurately and quickly
  • Following up on problem accounts, researching and reprocessing
  • Serving as a professional resources for billing and insurance queries

MBC experts aim to bill insurance payers so efficiently so that the practice collections go up, along with allowing optometrists to get back to the important business of taking care of patients.

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