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MBC unearths Solution to the Biggest woes of Dental Billing for Practitioners across US

Wilmington, Delaware, April 29, 2014

Staying ahead in the competition is becoming increasingly difficult for dental practitioners; considering the requirement to maintain high standards of care amidst time constraints and increasing healthcare reform pressures. Recently MBC has been helping numerous practitioners across US maintain high standards in dental care and remain successful.

MBC dental billing experts believe that “the key to this lies in striking a balance between providing good dental care services along with efficiently handling billing challenges”. To manage this MBC has been trying to get to the root cause of concern by understanding the main problem areas.

Identifying the most prominent dental billing woes –

  • Dental vs. medical billing– distinguishing and billing for a procedure which involves both medical as well as dental carrier is a highly frequent dental billing challenge
  • Dental-medical cross coding– involves establishing the medical necessity which is very important for successful cross coding, requiring a suitable diagnosis that appropriately determines the medical necessity of the procedure
  • Dental insurance eligibility- nearly 75% of dental claims get denied due to inaccurate assessment of dental insurance eligibility
  • Updates frequency- dental codes in case of additions, deletions and revisions, which are published in their respective manuals, need to be kept track of regularly, as outdated codes will lead to rejection
  • Issues- related to coding surgical procedures, appeals process, understanding an EOB and medical carrier credentialing are also challenges faced during dental billing
  • Collections procedure – can be a little overwhelming due to the high number of patients along with various type of procedures or tests requiring diverse codes during billing
  • Insurance payers- are constantly finding ways to deny claims which considerably slows down the revenue process

Dental practitioners may also come across various other problems like – increasing complexity of codes, shortage of well-trained billing staff, time constraints. MBC is constantly working towards solving these problems; because if not handled appropriately they may delay claim submission and resubmissions and result in under or non-payments.

Finding a solution to dental billing woes with MBC

Dental billing experts at MBC observe that– “by outsourcing their billing requirements numerous US dental practitioners have been able to- reduce their overhead costs, increase time spent on administrative tasks, counteract healthcare reform challenges and increase their revenue.”

MBC has been helping counteract dental billing woes by-

  • Accurate categorization of dental services under their various categories and subheads in the billing system to ensure accurate payment settlement
  • Providing accurate details of the treatment devised by the physician to avoid unnecessary rejection of claim
  • At times detailing can be directly proportional to the rate of payment hence constantly working towards attaining the right level of detailing
  • Accurate verification of patient’s insurance eligibility and constant checks done of preauthorization number, deductibles, plan exclusions, claim mailing address, policy status- ensuring minimum rejections

Dental billing requires accurate knowledge to be able to navigate through data, and separate non-dental from dental and use appropriate codes to make accurate reimbursement claims. MBC dental billers are well acquainted with American Dental Coders Association (ADCA) and are also constantly updated with industry information, coding tactics and skill sets required.

MBC has been providing flexibility to dental practitioners across US by offering customized billing along with an Expert Accounts Manager, specializing in Dental reimbursement issues, for fewer errors. While experts are handling the strenuous tasks of denial management, patient billing, and follow-ups with insurance carriers, dental practitioners across US have been able to pay full attention towards improving healthcare quality.

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