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MBC helps Physicians decipher the various Possibilities Related with the ICD-10 Compliance delay!

Wilmington, Delaware, May 15, 2014 is helping practices across 50 states in the US, tap possibilities related to ICD-10 compliance delay. By utilizing in-depth industry knowledge at MBC, physicians are making use of the delay to get ready for the overwhelming transition.

MBC is updating themselves with industry requirements on a constant basis in order to help physicians gear up for ICD-10. The aim is to help providers those who haven’t, to start planning now; not just for lessening immediate upfront ICD-10 costs but also to reap ongoing benefits of the new coding system. The delay has also presented testing opportunities for physicians to ensure that all systems are ready for the change.

Physicians facing complexities in ICD-10 transition:

  • ICD-10 will be having a significant impact on coding and IT department; challenging physicians to establish co-ordination between various departments for effective transition
  • ICD-10 changes will require accuracy in documentation and investment in technology
  • Technology and software will have to be updated along with form revision so that specificity of the new code set can be matched
  • In order to submit ICD-10 claims, HIPAA-5010 requirements will have to be met as 4010 version won’t support new codes
  • Certified and well-trained coders will have to be hired and retained because coding complexities will bring down productivity level of staff
  • Coders will have to work closely with doctors to update them on right coding methods
  • Specificity will have to be maintained in documentation and code observations by physicians

MBC is geared up for the change already with the aim to help physicians meet transition challenges, keeping industry standards and compliance deadline in mind. The expert team not only provides support during the transition but also addresses effects of the same on the below mentioned areas:

  • Order entry
  • Coding
  • Billing
  • Analysis and reporting
  • Patient registration
  • Clinical documentation
  • Referrals and authorization

Not just assistance to physicians but also offers training programs for billing and coding professionals for any training information they might require to prepare for the change.

In order to survive ICD-10 challenges, MBC’s ICD-10 training program offers:

  • Tips for smooth transition
  • FAQ documents of ICD-10
  • Problem solving webinars
  • ICD-10 weekly updates
  • Forums with experts for assistance in coding practices

MBC has a dedicated, pro-active team with ICD-10 medical requisites. The coders and billers in the team are experienced and well-trained in HIPAA, ICD-10 and other compliances. They have been helping physicians get their revenue cycle back on track and offer quality patient care.

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