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Ohio Healthcare Challenges in the Wake of Medicaid Expansion and Physician Shortage has been helping medical practices in Ohio sail through challenges posed by physician shortage and Medicaid expansion.

It is being expected that Ohio will be short of 30,000 primary care providers by 2015. With a significant increase in number of people seeking routine care in the state, practices are finding it difficult to strike a balance between clinical and administrative tasks. By outsourcing billing services to MBC, many practices in Ohio have been able to offer quality care to the increasing number of patients rather than worrying about the billing procedure.

Seeking MBC’s assistance in RCM has helped practices deal with the shortage issue. Since an expert and dedicated team handles the complexities of billing and coding, physicians and other medical staff at the practice get more time to attend to patients.

Challenges Faced by Ohio Doctors

Doctors in Ohio face various unique challenges that restrict them from getting more out of their practice. Achieving a reasonable level of financial security has become an issue for many Ohio medical practices.

  • Ohio physicians have to deal with more managed care
  • They pay higher taxes compared to the physicians in other states
  • Liability risk faced by Ohio doctors is also higher

Medicaid Expansion to Affect Ohio Physicians

Doctors in this state are paid roughly half of what private insurance companies pay. This ratio is reducing over time, forcing Ohio’s office-based physicians to refuse treatment to new Medicaid patients. The government has planned on increasing Medicaid payment for physicians; however, providers are still reluctant to take new Medicaid patients.

The Medicaid expansion will also increase the waiting time for patients. Due to increased workload, billing complexities and shortage of skilled staff, physicians are uncertain about their future in the wake of Medicaid expansion.

How is Outsourcing Helping Doctors Sail through Challenges?

Faced with obstacles, many providers in Ohio are opting for effective billing services. With the help of, many doctors have chosen to increase their number of Medicaid patients. Even if Medicaid payments drop to the previous level in the years to come, they won’t have to worry about timely payments.

The need for effective coding and billing services will increase with Medicaid expansion that will cause patient influx. MsBC has been able to accomplish large amounts of billing and coding for Ohio doctors. The company has been successful in offering RCM, denials management, HIPAA compliance to small as well as large practices across Ohio. Providers have managed to cut costs and free up their time and resources to attend increased number of patients as a result.

About is the largest association of certified and experienced billers and coders, serving 42 specialties across all the 50 states of the US. The company brings together hundreds of billers with experience in different specialties , viz. . Cardiology Billing, Family Practice Billing, Gastroenterology Billing, Internal Medicine Billing, OB-Gyn Medical Billing, Orthopaedic Billing, Podiatry Billing, Radiology Billing, on the same platform. MBC excels in offering effective billing solutions to physicians in their local areas. By outsourcing their billing requirements to, providers have been able to maximize revenue, reduce costs and focus on quality care.

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