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MBC Riding High on Social Media - Client Communication Boom

Social media has revolutionized the healthcare industry, acting as one of the most valued tools in enhancing interactions between consumers and healthcare organizations in the US. Effective social media strategies are being used by hospitals and practices to accomplish the best results in terms of communication, clinical outcomes, information sharing and innovation. has maintained a strong presence on popular social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. The company has been using these sites to connect with hospitals, private practices, coders and billers across the US.

MBC’s Two-way Communication on Twitter and LinkedIn

Through LinkedIn, the company has established a connection with the healthcare industry at large. Growing number of MBC followers are benefitting from job opportunities and latest health industry news posted on LinkedIn. In return, this social media platform has helped MBC attract top talent nationally.

According to Forbes, now 81% Twitter users expect a response to their complaints and questions on the same day. To continue being a responsive billing company on social media, MBC has kept its Twitter account highly active, assigning an expert team to answer queries and provide real-time solutions to tech problems reported by the users. The team is quickly available to answer questions related to coding, billing or any possible topic related to the healthcare industry.

MBC has been rewarding its clients and followers on regular intervals with exclusive offers and discounts for engaging with them. The company keeps coming up with attractive packages and discounts on its billing services. Recently, MBC announced a good bargain for social media users who wish to avail MBC services. A massive 40% discount on all its medical billing services is being offered for new clients who are social media users and wish to avail MBC’s medical billing solutions. Through this offer, the company intends on helping new users make the most of social media opportunities.

Interesting Facts about Social Media

According to a survey, 26% hospitals in the US participate in social media. 46% make use of YouTube, 64% use Twitter and 84% use Facebook as a platform to connect with patients
In 2012, approximately 60% doctors preferred using social media platforms to enhance the quality of care delivered to patients
41% people said that social media would affect their choice of a certain medical facility, doctor or hospitals

Social media has enabled MBC to improve public relations, organizational learning, recruitments and internal and external communications. By focusing on leveraging social media platforms, the company has been successful in enhancing marketing, customer relations and business operations.

Social Media Effort’s

MBC is enjoying a growing number of followers on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. According to Steve Martin, Marketing Director, Web - MBC, “We have been using these platforms to engage existing and prospective customers. Using social media has given us chance to collect specific client needs and help address those needs through our service offerings. Today 46% of our sales is directly or indirectly influenced by social Media communication, these numbers are staggering for us. ”


MBC is the largest consortium of billers and coders across US. (California Medical Billing, Florida Medical Billing, New York Medical Billing, Ohio Medical Billing). The portal brings together hundreds of billers with experience in different specialties, viz. Cardiology Billing, Family Practice Billing, Gastroenterology Billing, Internal Medicine Billing, OB-Gyn Medical Billing, Orthopedic Billing, Podiatry Billing, Radiology Billing, on the same platform to service physicians in their local areas. This network of billers and coders is growing rapidly and is currently servicing over 50 specialty physicians across the entire US.

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