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Know the current happenings at Medicalbillersandcoders and it's participation in making billing and coding a simpler process. Contribution in Medicaid Expansion in Illinois

Obama Care has been gathering mixed reactions from providers all over the US. Illinois is one state where the Medicaid expansion is not coming through smooth. This remains so in spite of the fact that the State is taking all efforts to incorporate the Federal government’s monetary assistance.

It is experiencing hiccups due to the payment models and lower reimbursements to the providers. Slack in revenue generation coupled with the staff shortage with the high patient influx has added onto the bumpy transition. So much so that around 25 states have opted out of providing Medicaid benefits to its citizens. They are ready to bear high expenses than get into the hassles of this healthcare reform.

Incorporating health IT, ICD-10 coding, trained staff, lack of resources in terms of time and administrative requirements, infrastructure are contributory factors to name a few. (MBC) has been extending its expertise to physicians for enhancing and maintaining their RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) at optimum levels.

Almost 20-30% of bills get rejected because of some minor billing errors or incomplete form submission. MBC accomplished this task by collecting bills and coding them precisely with minimum rejection rate.

State’s Efforts to Enroll Maximum Citizens

The state government has constantly tried to make its citizens avail the insurance services because the following statistics sure needed something to be done urgently:

  • Before January 2014 around two million citizens in Illinois were not inducted or covered under Medicaid
  • The figures however, came down to around 880,000 post Affordable Care Act (ACA)
  • Illinois providers treat around 86,000 outpatients and 1.5 million inpatients daily
  • State launches self-service website Application for Benefits Eligibility (ABE) in 2013

Providers’ Stance on Medicaid Patients

Seeing the upsurge in such patient influx one would think it is a haven for the medical professionals to run a profitable business but surprisingly the doctors of the state are now hesitant to treat patients covered under Medicaid.

Reason for this aversion is obviously the revenue generation. Since the Federal government is going to fund fully for all the newly insured citizens through 2017, the chances of getting copays is further reduced. The State already had an impending figure of unpaid reimbursements of around two billion dollars last year. Statistics indicate that Medicaid paid only about 65% services of what Medicare pays.


MBC offers services for assessing a practice’s revenue cycle including a detailed study of the medical billing process to straighten bottlenecks if any. With a wide spread team that’s present locally in many cities in almost all the states in the US, MBC is one of the largest consortiums that boasts of having 15 years of expertise in RCM services.

Steve Martin, Marketing Director, Web of MBC says, “We have a record of delivering consistently with AR age as low as just 21 days and guaranteed 90-95% revenue generation through a streamlined billing process and timely collections.”

He continues, “We have offers that suit your practice and pocket the best. We design offers keeping in mind the demographic of our audience and clients.” Talking about the Outsourcing services Steve signs off by saying, “Engaging with our consumers, prompt and thorough after sales services are not only our core strengths but basic mission too.”

Proving this point MBC has an ongoing special 40% discount offer exclusively for providers who follow the company’s social media profiles.

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