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MBC Gains Popularity in Florida for Physicians Soaring Revenue is gaining popularity in the southeastern US. It has helped medical practices with handling the back end billing processes and revenue recovery.

Reason behind Gaining Popularity

Steve Martin, Marketing Director, Web of (MBC), which has made its mark in the US by their prompt and efficient outsourcing services, declares Florida as the most popular city for them in terms of being a billing partner to many specialties.

Steve credits his billers and coders’ team for the handsome success the company has seen over the years. Of course, the Sales and Marketing team is equally responsible for carrying out surveys to understand the requirements of providers and customizing offers for its clients.

“MBC is by far the most popular billing services website on social media,” says Steve with pride and he even goes on to admit 40% of the company’s business owing to platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, before he signs off with a confident statement “Partner with us today and see remarkable difference in your RCM within a month.”

MBC is most popular with providers of the following specialties and practices of different sizes:

  • Cardiology
  • Chiropractic
  • Mental Health
  • Family Practice
  • Internal Medicine
  • Ophthalmology
  • Podiatry
  • ENT

Acknowledging Key Factors

Payment collection from patients as well as insurance companies, getting returns on the infrastructural investments, keeping a detailed track of services rendered and drugs used or unused, etc. are some of the predominant contributory factors of revenue cycle of a medical practice.

Documentation Plays an Important Role

The Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) of a practice hugely depends on documentation. Maintaining these records includes Patient Health Information (PHI), electronic records of the same, i.e. EMR / EHR, medical bills for the rooms occupied, medicines administered and so on. Experienced professionals in the administrative and back end office processes opine that if a practice gets immaculate documentation of the above mentioned things, not only the billing becomes smooth but also you get soaring profits.

Surveys indicate that various medical practices lose around 30% revenue simply due to billing errors.

Constraints in Resources

Adding onto the responsibility of maintaining detailed records and knowledge of the particular medical specialty, the perpetual updates of Obamacare aka healthcare reforms have played havoc on medical practices, especially the smaller ones because of various reasons. The biggest of them being monetary constraints; which includes revenue generation and loss of revenue.

The proposed solution to this problem is also simple: analyze the loopholes in the RCM, but it’s easier said than done because of the following reasons:

  • You need experienced and certified professionals to conduct audits
  • Patient and time management is not so efficient on a daily routine in hospitals
  • With increase in patient influx time is a scanty resource for thorough assessment
  • It is a time consuming process and needs cooperation from staff

MBC is equipped with dealing with these requirements and the team is well trained in handling different specialties. Thus, with experienced professionals available at a common point of contact, this is one billing partner you can trust for getting customized services according to your budget.

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