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MBC’s Holistic Billing Solutions will Help DMEs Stay Aboard in the Vast Ship of ICD-10, a leading medical billing service provider, has expanded its portfolio yet again and launched a special ICD-10 program to offer streamlined coding solutions to DMEs. This program will prepare DME providers for the ‘big change’ that is expected to cause crimp in their cash flow.

Describing the motivation behind this program, Ms.Prerna Gupta, Managing Director, said, “MBC has always aspired to solve provider problems, making it easy for them to practice medicine. With the ICD-10 deadline looming, we felt the need to reach out to more specialties with our streamlined coding solutions. We are committed to make the transition as easy as possible for DME providers because if they aren’t ready, their claim for services starting 1st October, 2015 will not be paid. None of the medical specialties can afford to delay readiness because the clock is ticking, literally.”

MBC to Focus on Primary ICD-10 Concerns for DMEs

ICD-10 challenges for DME providers go beyond software updates. From changing business documents such as encounter forms, contracts, super-bills and various other documents referencing ICD-9 codes to changing training materials and practices, various adjustments are required to ensure smooth business functioning.

Providers will have to deal with dual code set till all patients with dates of services prior to 1st October 2015 don’t move through the new system. Widespread training will be required because almost everyone in the organization will be interfacing with the new codes in one way or the other. Even minor errors in coding will result in delayed or denied payments.

With the transition, DME providers will require information from clinicians more than they have in the past. If there are errors in codes coming from the referring physician’s office, DME coders will have to spend more time in correcting them. At times, they will not have sufficient information to fix the coding mistake which will eventually lead to delay in billing till necessary corrections are received.

“Even with a foolproof plan and 100% readiness status, many providers will have to experience cash flow disruptions and payment delays due to coding errors, loss of coder’s productivity and so on”- said Michel Desouza, ICD 10 Coding Specialist.

MBC’s domain expertise in the DME industry, proven RCM processes and use of latest technology has created an ideal platform for DMEs to eliminate their worries related to ICD-10, improve cash flow, enhance productivity, reduce leakage of revenue and improve efficiency of payment collection.

“The transition might affect supplies, recurring rentals and new set-ups for DMEs. They will need a transition plan in order to stay in business post implementation. We aim to help them strike a balance between billing and clinical operations so that it becomes easy for them to manage costs in a better manner. Our ICD-10 solutions will not only help them get paid, irrespective of coding complexities but also enable them to maintain compliance and safeguard patient satisfaction”- says Shawn Matthew, RCM Specialist.

ICD-10 is going to be a major undertaking for DMEs; however, with MBC’s holistic billing solutions, it will not just become manageable but also ensure timely, maximum payments for each rendered service.

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