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MBC’s ICD-10 E-book Garners Overwhelming Response

The ICD-10 e-book released by, an industry-leading provider of medical billing and RCM solutions has received overwhelming response with more than 5000 downloads. Launched on 29th September, 2015, MBC’s e-book outlines changes and challenges related to ICD-10, offering an implementation guide to help practices lessen the burden of transition.

“We wanted to launch an easily accessible ICD-10 implementation guide for healthcare organizations to help them mitigate its impact on their revenue cycle. Through this e-book, we aimed to offer valuable insight into the new coding set, making the transition a manageable one”- said Steve Martin, Marketing Director (Web)

Fulfilling MBC’s Commitment of a Hassle-free Transition

MBC has been committed to ensure that ICD-10 transition remains an easy and painless experience as physicians make the switch. Preparation is the best weapon to win over ICD-10 and MBC’s e-book is specifically designed to minimize providers’ concerns related to the new coding system. It not only breaks down the changes and challenges of the new code set but also talks about getting started, valuable tips on planning and execution and ICD-10 motivators that can alleviate the burdens of successful implementation.

We are overwhelmed to have garnered such an exceptional response for the ICD-10 e-book. It has been received quite well in the industry and we would like to express our gratitude for such a huge response. In an industry where every healthcare organization is on the lookout for effective tools to help them survive the big change, MBC’s e-book has helped many take a successful plunge.”- added Mr.Martin

He also said that doctors in the US rely heavily on technology. According to a Manhattan research, more than 62% doctors in the US make use of their tablets, especially iPads for professional purposes. Having an ICD-10 implementation guide in an e-book format makes it quite popular among physicians as they find it easy to download and read it on their tablet or smart-phone.

The e-book has provided a roadmap to healthcare providers, helping them identify important areas that need focus when implementing ICD-10 coding structure. MBC not only has more than 15 years of experience in offering medical billing and coding services but the company also boasts of an expert team of coders and billers who are highly trained in handling ICD-10 codes.

“From revenue cycle disruptions and lack of coders’ productivity to changes in system workflow and dual coding, experts at MBC understand the importance of challenges that surround ICD-10. We have been helping practices run smoothly, irrespective of the changes in regulations. Our billers and coders have the required expertise to bring a practices’ revenue cycle back on track, maximizing payments from insurance companies and minimizing claim denials.”- added Jessica Parker, HealthCare Expert.

With the help of the ICD-10 e-book, it has become easy for providers to access the much-needed education and assistance for the big change. It has also contributed to the knowledge and overall success of physicians across the US for the huge transition

In case, you haven’t yet downloaded the ICD-10 e-book yet, grab your free copy here today!

As the leading provider of medical billing and coding services, MBC serves more than 42 medical specialties across the US. It has streamlined revenue cycle for practices, transforming their administrative and financial operations to maximize returns.

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