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Despite Adjustments in Medicare fee schedules, MBC's DME clients have steady Cash flows

MBCs significant role in garnering profits to Durable Medical Equipment providers is amply visible through its multiple clients' success stories. DME's have suffered great losses in revenue due to various upheavals in their billing and coding. Ensuring a smooth revenue cycle management is all that it ideally takes to a healthy financial DME.

"Constant changes in healthcare are coming in way of a financially sound DME. DME's are the most prone to these changes given the existing cumbersome billing and coding process. Our team has assisted such DME's by offering cost effective billing solutions and enhancing their profitability" says Darci Hess, Client Operations Director.

MBCs holistic solutions to bring in profits

Number of challenges has kept DME from a smooth revenue flow, having an overall impact on the practice. Challenges like change in payor regulations, lack of skilled staff to stay abreast with the current news, lower reimbursement etc. have resulted in dwindling revenues, keeping them away from a profitable business. MBC offers customized solutions to its clients after making a thorough study of their practice and the issues faced by them. The analysis of the problem area enables the core team to offer precise solutions on which they work meticulously, proving their commitment to increased reimbursement.

"This spells great success to us! In light of change in the Medicare fee schedule amounts for certain accessories, MBC has been instrumental in continuing to bring in profits for its DME clients." said Darci. She also added that DME have largely been affected with the Medicare fee schedule changes in 2016, with respect to reimbursements. While DME do not necessarily have a dedicated staff to look after the billing and coding, or follow-up, they end up leaving a lot of revenue on the table.

Medicare Fee Schedule 2016

Effective January 1, 2016 through June 30, 2016, the adjusted fee schedule amounts are based on a mix of 50% of the fee schedule amount that would have been implemented on January 1, 2016, and 50% of the adjusted fee schedule amount. Starting July 1, 2016, the adjusted fee schedule amounts will show 100% of the adjusted fee schedule amounts. This will result in DMEPOS suppliers in US subjected to steep cuts for many items that have been subject to competitive bidding program (CBP).

Our team has gone that extra mile by keeping themselves updated with every new rule and regulations hitting the healthcare industry to ensure our DME clients do not face any reimbursement issues. With an aggressive follow up on every claim rejected, our team has contributed in fixing billing and reimbursement nuances, resulting in maximized revenue.

"Catering to a vast array of billing and coding issues, MBC understands the intricacies involved in bringing about a smooth revenue cycle management, thus enhancing reimbursements, engineering profits. Our clients' success speaks volumes about our success" added Darci.

A leading provider in medical billing and coding services, MBC comes with a 16+ years' experience in streamlining revenue cycle for various practices and transforming their financial operations. MBC has been effective in maximizing returns and growing profits for practices.

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