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Highest Collection EMS Providers Rely on Medicalbillersandcoders for their Billing


Rules and regulations governing EMS billing are unique and critical due to huge investment on each run.

After being connected to multiple functions such as Transport, Medical supplies, healthcare service providers and paramedics, Ambulance transport services deserve to be paid and stay profitable to provide better care.

"In the wake of payment fluctuations due to changing regulations each year, EMS Providers have had to constantly remain on their toes to check for changes that would affect their billing. The excellent team at MBC has left no stone unturned in providing assistance to Ambulance Service Providers which has enabled timely payments, leaving no dollars behind." says Jessica Parker, healthcare expert.

Assistance in Reducing Billing Complexities

For Ambulance Service, what is vital is to focus on how to provide the best service to every call. From taking the call to treating and transporting, every decision has to revolve around the well-being of the patient. This being one of the biggest challenges standing in the face of EMS billing, teamed with a staff that cannot afford to spare time to educate themselves with the current requirements, results in poor documentation and higher denials. Ambulance Providers are experiencing reimbursement cuts this year due to high competition from private players. This is enforcing them to cut unnecessary costs and have a lean balance sheet.

The staff in the Ambulance billing is more often than not taking calls and arranging runs, with hardly any time for even collecting insurance information. This staff can't be expected to contribute to preparing accurate claims and post which call insurance companies to follow up on claim status.

"Our confidence in guaranteeing a billing process that would see no rejections and have faster and complete reimbursement has greatly helped in offering services to EMS Providers. We have been careful in educating our staff and keeping them well-informed of the latest requirements." said Bobbie Lautenschlager, adding that it has always been a task for Ambulance Service Providers to completely concentrate on the billing process given their first priority at hand.

Large to small groups of Emergency transport groups choose MBC to support their revenue challenges and reduce pending AR of over 90 to 180 days to less than 6% of the total AR. The denial ratios of MBC's client have also drastically fallen from 18% to 3% over a short period of time.

A leading provider in medical billing and coding services, MBC has a 16+ years' experience in assisting providers, Ambulance Transport services and ASCs to streamline their revenue cycle. Bringing about a financial transformation, MBC has been effective in maximizing returns and growing profits. With an entire department focused on EMS and Non EMS transport services, MBC can deliver value where other may not be able to.

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