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MBC’s DME E-Book Proves Helpful in Assisting DME with Plausible Billing Challenges and Simple Strategies!

Tuesday,June 14, 2016
Gahanna, Ohio

DME Facing Billing Challenges

MBC has once again created news and kept up its pledge of assisting DME in retrieving blocked revenue and ensuring no further blockages. Retaining profits in a highly competitive environment with no compromise is vital to ensure success. With an overwhelming number of downloads that has crossed over 500, the DME E-Book launched by MBC has made great news. DME across US have constantly been facing threats in form of revenue loss, non-compliant and fraudulent billing practices, discoordination with physicians etc. Coming out successful through these barriers is what DME today need.  

"It is for a fact that it has become extremely difficult for DME to sustain profitability. With a gamut of issues standing right in the face of DME, ensuring flawless billing and opening ways for continuous flow of revenue seems close to impossible." said Jessica Parker, Sr. Healthcare Consultant, MBC.

A huge extent of rules and regulations govern DME billing. Spanning from prior authorization to checking rental reimbursement rules, the billing is a huge network and only requires a hands on achieving success for the providers. Guaranteeing efficiency in the billing process in turn guarantees higher reimbursement and lesser denials.

DME eBook- A Push towards Success!

In constant effort to assist DME, MBC has left no stone unturned. Turning challenges into stepping stones, MBC has given that extra push to all DME and ensured no revenue leakages. The E-Book launched by DME is a contributory effort to simplify the tedious demanding task of billing and coding. "The expertise found at MBC is truly unparalleled and has been a vital source for increasing revenues for its DME clients. The number of satisfied clients is a testimony to our valued services. With our assistance, DME across have been able to rule out fraudulent practices and embrace a clean billing process. This has enabled better payments with minimized claim rejections and provider-physician discrepancy." said Jessica.

The E-Book includes the unforeseen challenges and solutions that can be applied to evade these, along with billing guidelines and common modifiers that will come handy during the billing process.

'The information given in the E-Book is significantly helpful in figuring out loopholes in the revenue management cycle which happen to be one of the main reasons for revenue leakages and hence losses for the DME.' said John Miller, DME Provider.

'The eBook is lucid and simple to understand which makes it usable to students like us as well, who are still in the learning phase of billing and coding.' says Martin Kievs , medical coding student.

'There is so much more than what is visible at the surface of billing for DME. The part that we see is merely the tip of an ice berg. The intricacies and detailing that goes into comprehending the vast challenges and strategizing the workflow, is immense. The E-Book is a good read for a perfect understanding of these. The most helpful is the checklist that goes handy.' says Patrika Wilson, Billing Manager.

About MBC

Coming with a huge experience of over 16 years, MBC is one of the leading billing and coding service providers in US. Focusing on streamlining revenue flow and fixing revenue leakages for physicians in US, MBC has achieved success in the endeavor. With a presence in all 50 states, and possessing expertise in more than 40 specialties, MBC has been able to assist physicians across US, irrespective of the location and specialty. This has given MBC leverage over other billing services, making it one of the foremost.

In case, you have not downloaded the E-Book yet, here is your chance to download!

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