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Insights into Wound Care Challenges: MBC's Role in Boosting Revenues

Monday, July 11, 2016
Gahanna, Ohio

Sea of Challenges that put Wound Care Reimbursements at Risk

MBC has been a pioneer in streamlining the Revenue Cycle Management for Wound Care practices' in US and has been successful in the endeavor. Owing to a plethora of changes in healthcare, there are multitude challenges in Wound Care billing that are significantly affecting reimbursements.

Identifying the reasons for denials is important to ensure clean claims with minimal errors. Wound Care billing experiences multitude of challenges that are a reason of various reasons, foremost being an inefficient billing process. Maintaining a foothold in an era of competition and surviving through the swarm of billing accuracies is significantly important for Wound Care practitioners. "Achieving profits for Wound Care is getting increasingly difficult. Not only changing demands are causing glitches but also lack of skilled coders. Our coders are constantly updating and educating themselves with the latest in the industry. We have been ensuring complete dexterity in handling billing for our Wound Care clients, said Jessica, Senior Healthcare Consultant.

The sheer extent of challenges is keeping Wound Care practitioners from receiving appropriate payment for services rendered. These barriers in reimbursement are placing added pressure on physicians, taking a toll on the quality time with patients.

Wound Care Billing Challenges and MBC solutions

90 percent of Wound Care claims denials are due to lack of required documentation. Inaccuracy & inefficiency in diagnosing and documenting cases results in financial losses for physicians, primarily because of payer denials. Wound Care billing is not an easy task as it involves wound treatment along with evaluation and management. MBC's billing services have been successful in getting rid of confusion pertaining to coding for Wound Care. "Understanding the end to end billing and coding for Wound Care will allow minimal errors in knowing when to use a particular code. This will enable higher collections and reduced denials. Our coders are knowledgeable and have the required expertise to assure no dip in revenue. Our Wound Care clients' successful stories stand testimony to our services," said Jessica.

Barriers causing denials are plenty in Wound Care and analyzing these will help avoid committing the same errors in the future.

  • Incorrect use of modifier 25
  • Wound dimensions not documented appropriately
  • Lack of understanding in selective and nonselective debridement
  • Dressing of wounds coded separately from an evaluation and management service
  • Multiple layers of debridement coded per site rather than coding the deepest layer for debridement

Owing to the multiple challenges faced by Wound Care physicians, MBC provided solutions that greatly eased down the process and paved way for profits.

  • Preparing a Revenue Component Checklist to set an effective workflow
  • Medical Billing and Coding Compliance
  • Medical Necessity and Document Compliance

In light of multiple challenges, what is important is a sound knowledge of coding and skilled billers. MBC solutions have allowed Wound Care clients to remain unaffected despite the many billing challenges.

About MBC

MBC is one of the leading billing and coding service providers in US. Releasing cash flow and getting rid of revenue blockages has been a priority for MBC and has achieved success in the endeavor. With a presence in all 50 states, and possessing expertise in more than 40 specialties, MBC has been able to assist physicians across US, irrespective of the location and specialty. This has allowed leverage to MBC clients, offering successful practices.

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