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MBC gains popularity in Florida, Ohio & Texas for their exceptional efforts in revenue generation for their Optometry Clients

MBC's significant role in treasuring profits to optometry practice is generously visible through its multiple clients' success stories. Many practitioners in Florida, Ohio and Texas have benefited from MBCs' revenue generation process. Many a times, Optometry suffers losses due to changing rules and regulations. A smooth and robust revenue cycle management is all that it takes to a healthy financial optometry practice.

"Constant changes in optometry billing and coding are coming in the way of financially sound optometry practice. Many optometrists who bill medical carriers for eye exams do not get reimbursed. This usually happens due to lack of understanding about medical billing rules, which are different than vision plan billing rules. Understanding these rules is crucial for getting paid by the medical carrier and surviving an audit." says Darci Hess, Client Operations Director.

MBCs' comprehensive solutions to bring in profits

Medical billing is an ever-evolving industry. In recent years, optometry practices have been forced to alter their medical billing procedure to follow with certain medical billing trends. A number of challenges have kept optometry from a smooth revenue flow. Several factors that have resulted in dwindling revenues include: lack of skilled staff, Transition to the new ICD-10, EHR that are lacking in billing integration, and many more. MBC offers tailored solutions to suit its clients after making a thorough research of their practice and the issues faced by them. The analysis of the problem area enables the core team to offer precise solutions on which they work meticulously, proving their commitment to increased reimbursement.

"Reimbursements are tight for optometry, and this is greatly affecting the financial wellbeing of the business. With such shrinking margins, it is important to track all of the inventory and reimbursement. MBC has been influential in continuing to bring in profits for its optometry clients in Florida, Ohio & Texas. This has spelled great success to us! ", said Jessica Parker. Sr.Healthcare Consultant at

Optometry practices choose MBC to support their revenue challenges and reduce pending AR days. By decreasing the payment cycle, cash flow can increase and accounts receivables can decrease significantly. MBC has been helping clients improve data management, boost profitability, and shorten AR days. By ensuring timely and accurate documentation for coding and billing cases, and adequate revenue cycle staffing, A/R days can be reduced.

About MBC

Impending with a huge experience of over 16 years, MBC is one of the leading billing and coding service providers in US. Focusing on integrated revenue flow and fixing revenue leakages for physicians in US, MBC has achieved success in the venture. With a presence in all 50 states, and possessing expertise in more than 40 specialties, MBC has been able to assist physicians across US, irrespective of the location and specialty. This has given MBC leverage over other billing services, making it one of the foremost.

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