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Enhance your Podiatry Billing and Collection Services in Illinois with

MBCs noteworthy role in fetching profits to Podiatry practitioners in Illinois is clearly visible through its multiple clients' success stories. Practitioners' have suffered great losses in revenue due to various upheavals in their medical billing and coding. Ensuring a smooth revenue cycle management is all that it ideally takes to a healthy financial Podiatry practice.

From solo practitioners to multi-physicians and multiple practices; from general practice to specialized services, has been offering professional medical billing and coding services for the growing Podiatry practices in Illinois. provides a wide range Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services to the podiatry practitioners and hospitals. This positions them as the foremost provider of podiatry medical billing in Illinois. delivers a comprehensive package of solutions that automate processes, maximize cash flow, reduces the errors in billing & coding a procedure, and enable seamless communication to create a connected healthcare environment.

" has set a footprint in the U.S healthcare market enhancing the leadership in the Podiatry industry. We now offer a full-fledged Revenue management cycle for Podiatry practices in Illinois. We focus on managing the billing practice and allow the physician to focus on patient care." says Darci Hess, Client Operations Director hosts a team of experts who are certified coders and billers that look into the nitty-gritties of accurately billing and coding a podiatry procedure.

Podiatry billing challenges and MBC Solutions:

Outsourcing is the name of the game in today's intensive healthcare industry, and if such is the trend, then why let your podiatry practice suffer losses due to delayed payments and inefficient billing and coding procedure. It is important to understand that the billing industry is complicated and requires a deep expertise and experience.

When a specialty such as podiatry billing is involved, the efficiency in medical billing stands vital. The success of a podiatry practice lies in the fact that the medical billing team requires knowledge in the complex rules utilized by insurance companies to judge podiatry claims. To avoid all these billing related pitfalls, podiatrists need to utilize medical billing companies like that have deep experience with podiatry billing.

"MBC adds a solid base for clients and positions itself for accelerated growth as the physician market embraces more outsourcing to efficiently manage payment pressures, and changes related to the adoption of ICD 10" added Darci.

About MBC

MBC is one of the leading medical billing and coding service providers in US. Releasing cash flow and getting rid of revenue blockages has been a priority for MBC and has achieved success in the endeavor. With a presence in all 50 states, and possessing expertise in more than 40 specialties, MBC has been able to assist physicians across US, irrespective of the location and specialty. This has allowed leverage to MBC clients, offering successful practices.

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