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Medical Billers and Coders' extends support to woundcare billing in Ohio and Florida

According to the US public health service, every year over six million people across the U.S suffer from wound that does not heal properly. Many a times patients are not aware that they should see a specialist to treat the recurring wound.

In the states of Ohio and Florida, every 20 seconds someone is diagnosed with diabetes and with that comes difficult-to-heal diabetes ulcer. The world health organization reports between 5 million to 7 million people in North America suffer from chronic or complex wounds annually. To compound the problem, Ohio also happens to be a state with a high population when it comes to wound health care services.

"The scenario today is making it difficult for woundcare practitioners to retain profitability. Looking at the constant changes in healthcare industry, our team is trying to keep up with the latest trends and has successfully assisted providers of woundcare in Ohio and Florida." said Jessica, Senior Healthcare Consultant.

" has set a footprint in the U.S healthcare market enhancing the leadership in the Podiatry industry. We now offer a full-fledged Revenue management cycle for Podiatry practices in Illinois. We focus on managing the billing practice and allow the physician to focus on patient care." says Darci Hess, Client Operations Director

Woundcare billing faces a number of challenges keeping physicians from receiving what they deserve out of their practice. Increasing denial and ever changing regulations are placing tremendous pressure on the physicians.

MBC's effort to open new avenues for better improvement

"As an emerging medical billing group, we are focused on delivering an environment for our physicians so they can gain from greater economies of scale and use of technology to clarify documentation and back-office processes. The partnership with MBC, and the benefit its woundcare services bring, is yet another step towards improving efficiencies and technological processes, allowing us to continue playing our part in the current advancements in wound management and health care delivery," said Steve Martin, MD, Web Marketing.

Understanding the multiple challenges faced by Wound Care physicians, MBC provided solutions greatly eased down the process and opened way for profits.

  • Preparing a Revenue Component Checklist to set an effective workflow
  • Medical Billing and Coding Compliance
  • Medical Necessity and Document Compliance

In light of multiple challenges, what is important is a sound knowledge of coding and skilled billers. MBC solutions have allowed Wound Care clients to remain unaffected despite the many billing challenges.

About MBC

MBC has an extensive experience of 16+ years and the teams' assistance in opening revenue blockages has been playing a part in every way. We are one of the premier medical billing companies in the U.S. The company comes with exceptional expertise in various areas of billing and coding.

We would love to hear from you and offer you solutions to all of your woundcare RCM worries. Call us at our Toll Free No. 888 357 3226.

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