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MBC's Success ratio of #HappyOutsourcing Social Media Campaign has never failed in delivering what it has promised. Its success stories this year are amply visible through its highly satisfied clients. Before experiencing outsourcing, Medical Practices have suffered losses in revenues due to various turbulences in their billing and coding. Remaining afloat in this competitive environment is important for the survival of any specialty practice.

In October 2016, as a part of its overall awareness and branding exercise, MBC introduced a social media campaign with hash tag #HappyOutsourcing to help establish goals, define a budget and identify the target audience. has made it clear that having an outlined plan before jumping well in will save time and resources, and allow you to accurately measure a campaign's effectiveness in the end.

According to Steve Martin, Marketing Director (Web), "Before getting started with the strategy creation it's always sagacious to have a well-defined outline of everything you want the campaign to achieve. Gain consensus from your internal planning team on what the campaign objectives is – shares, comments, click-through, conversions, etc."

Responding to this, Steve added- "The Facebook group drew more than expected members and the note under the hash tag has already been shared by more than 500 viewers. An email campaign targeting registered practices helped streamline information spread awareness and motivate practitioners."

Physicians in US are having a tough time coping with constant changes and due to the presidential debate this year; there has been a lot of anxiety regarding a drop in the revenue. MBC's services and solutions have enabled these physicians to focus completely on their core practice while watching their revenue grow.

"Increasing the efficiency of your practice's workflow while enhancing your cash-flow visibility at the same time, MBC understands that Medical Billing and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) remain key business drivers for Healthcare providers. Our Healthcare Billing solutions help you to benefit from a healthy, profitable and thriving medical practice. " added Darci Hess, Client Operations Director

About MBC

With a background of an extensive experience of over 16 years, MBC is one of the leading billing and coding service providers in US. We steer the complexity of the insurance industry practices – beginning to end – and remove hurdles to the success of your business. Our dedicated account managers and medical claim processing experts take ownership of your needs! This has given MBC an edge over other billing services, making it one of the foremost.

In case you are in need of healthcare transformation, is your destination. Our staff includes trained professionals, who have global reach with a reputation for quality, integrity and consistency.

We would love to hear from you and offer you solutions to all of your healthcare RCM worries. Call us at our Toll Free No. 888 357 3226 today!

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