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Effective use of J-codes in pharmacy Billing

Gahanna, OH May 17, 2017 :

The recent development in the regulations regarding coding of non-physician services or ambulatory services has resulted to some major changes for the pharmacist. A pharmacist now not only acts as a medicine consultant but also has to regard with revenue process.

A pharmacist has to update his knowledge with new drug and its impact on different health conditions. With reference to the same, has –come up with a complete and concise guide for the pharmacist for solving the myth regarding J-codes or also known as HCPCS level II codes.

Health care expert Jessica Parker stated that "The recent change in the regulations has made it important for healthcare experts to keep an eye for both new medical regulations from the insurance companies and new health care laws. Increasing the workload for healthcare workers who practices individually as managing the whole practice and billing becomes difficult."

HCPCS Level II codes are alphanumeric medical procedure code, primarily used for non-physician services. Ambulance services or prosthetic devices represent items, supplies and non-physician supplies not covered in CPT-4 codes (Level-I). Level-II codes are composed of single letter and four numerical digits in the code and are maintained by US centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

What the E-book Offers?

The initial chapter explains what are really J-codes and the brief history about it. While the next chapter lists down all the codes for you, also helping with the significance of each alphabet. The E-book provides step by step process to be followed for converting a HCPCS/CPT unit to NDC unit the calculation is explained using an example. In the end the E-Book provides a glossary of all the codes for each drug.

Brian Cholerton, a Senior Medical Coder added that "The E-book is made in way to help any expert level or beginner level pharmacist and coders to understand J-codes and how to use those codes for different purpose. The E-book also provides a list of all codes providing a complete end to end process for using a J-code."

Christiane F, a Coding Student appreciated the e-book"It's difficult for a student to understand coding process when so many amends are happening at such a fast pace. J-Code E-book helped me with all necessary knowledge required for J-codes. The E-Book provides precise knowledge which is required for pharmacy coding."

Robyn S, another Medical Student and E-Book user also added that "The book has been a boon. Loads of information is available online but the E-Book provided all the information related to J-codes in a single E-Book."

The e-book has received more than 1000 downloads within a week and has helped many pharmacist and coders to understand J-Codes.

Download your free copy of the E-Book here.

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