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Medical Billers and Coders take the center stage in Tennessee as the most favored Billing Partner for Healthcare Units, DME suppliers, Clinics and Hospitals

Nashville, Tennessee – 20th July, 2017 (MBC), a company with national presence in United States, has gained prominence in Nashville, Tennessee as the most favored billing partner for Healthcare Units, DME suppliers, Clinics and Hospitals. This move can be attributed to company's efficiency in managing claims reimbursements, billing, coding (with new ICD transition), denial, Accounts Receivable, follow up, and through insurance verification services.

MBC already services physicians and hospitals in the states of California, Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas and Virginia.

Darci Hess, Operations Director, MBC, says that, "With the addition of Tennessee, MBC's presence has further strengthened in the South region of the country. We are planning to have client service locations in the Nashville region very soon to provide better physician billing services to healthcare units in these regions."

With the addition of Tennessee, is now one of the few nationwide companies that provide services across all the major states of the contiguous USA. Javier Hernandez, one of the leading Durable Medical Equipment Supplier in Nashville, who has used the services of MBC quoted, "Outsourcing DME billing and coding services to MBC are delivered with immense expertise. Their service have both professional and technical components and modifiers are two digit codes appended by CPT. Also, in the scenario where the supplier is stuck between payer-co-payer, insurance-coinsurance dilemma, specialist at MBC used CPT modifier that describes whether multiple claims processing is required on the procedures performed, why that procedure was necessary, where the procedure was performed on the body, how many surgeons worked on the patient, and lots of other information that may be critical to a claim's status with the insurance payer."

"Earlier my accounting department was unable to verify and use the appropriate procedure codes, and our facility was on the losing side of finances, but now partnering with this brilliant billing agency, I can be rest assured that my revenue cycle is on track," concluded Javier Hernandez.

Darci Hess in his address continues that "MBC has expertise on numerous medical billing software platforms. With the addition of new clients in Tennessee, MBC would be expanding its skills and expertise with our in-house billing platform and would be able to offer services on that medical billing software as well for future clients."

Explaining it further to the congression of DME suppliers, Darci makes them understand why correct modifiers are important in DME billing and coding as:

• Modifiers are used for various reasons. Claims can be inaccurate or incomplete without a precise modifier

• Appropriate use of modifiers get services reimbursed, that might otherwise be denied

• Coding to the highest level of specificity requires modifier use

• Allows for proper reimbursements based on the procedure or service circumstances

The ever-changing landscape of medical billing and coding often poses several issues for healthcare practices. ICD-10, Healthcare Compliance Programs, HIPPA compliances and the Health Information Technology are some of the changes that physicians have to deal with to ensure compliance and payment.

MBC offers comprehensive medical billing services that keep up with these changes, helping healthcare practice minimize claim rejections and maximize reimbursement. In addition, other value added services like Managed Care contracting and Physician Credentialing would be made available to the new clients on an 'as required' basis. Ours is one of the few nationwide medical billing companies that offer a comprehensive suite of services and billing solutions that caters to all the healthcare revenue cycle management needs of healthcare physicians and physician groups.

About is one of the largest medical billing associations in the United States. We can help you save 35% of your cost in medical billing services and reduce your Account Receivables (AR) days to an average of 21 days. MBC is known for 20 years for its expertise in the field of Medical Billing & Coding supporting healthcare practitioners across 40 specialties, including DME services. MBC provides solutions that are designed to support healthcare practitioners through the whole Revenue Cycle Management process.

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