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Know the current happenings at Medicalbillersandcoders and it's participation in making billing and coding a simpler process. (MBC) Helping ASC Facilities Make Smooth Transition Towards Value-Based Care

Healthcare is going through repealing process for the reimbursement of physicians; these changing landscapes create many financial challenges for Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC). Eventually, every ASC facility has to shift towards Alternate payment model (APM) and according to new APM shared risk will be the new mantra for healthcare. ASCs are presently trying to meet the quality standards set by the regulators to provide value-based health care and the reimbursement standard set for each healthcare practice.

The shift towards value based reimbursement model creates a paradigm shift in the current healthcare care delivery system. An entire healthcare community would be given the responsibility to share the risk-outcomes and costs. ASCs need to understand that Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) will be promoting a new value based payment model and the new regulations will surely transform the traditional business model by taking on significant revenue at stake.

Steps and opportunities' taken by ASC facilities

ASCs should understand the need of a channelized and synced value focused care system which will, in turn, save revenue, shared risk and provide bundled payment model which works for all situations and populations. ASCs should also be ready to face pressure to submit new cost data to Medicare payment Advisory Commission for the group to measure and apply for APM.

For ASCs taking on high acuity cases, the change in reimbursement model can really be an attractive opportunity. Patients rely on the ASC facility for providing quality care at lower cost for its patients. If your ASC facility is equipped with multiple specialty care and value based reimbursement channel it can come in with opportunity for your revenue growth.

One of our clients Dr. S. Shawn, Director of an ASC facility based out in Ohio mentioned "For us, the major concern was seeing our hard earned money go away in a regulation which was beyond our control. MBC systemized our RCM process and recommended some valuable changes in the facility."

How could (MBC) channelize your value-based care?
For ASC facilities to earn higher revenue the need of cost effective mechanism is an important aspect. Achieving high reimbursement and manage costs effectively can be easily worked out for implants, injectable, and other high-cost products. For ASC facility, the products can be easily reimbursed through channels of insurance payments and out-of-pocket cost. As an ASC facility is cost effective many income channels can be explored.

Technology is a critical aspect of value-based care; ASC's can collect data from various fragmented sources including EMR and other paper records. The analytics' could be the great part of your care and for future assessments. MBC can provide you with channelized document management through our billing system.

Dr. Simon Baker M.D at an ASC facility based in New York "ASCs are looking for someone who could share our responsibilities in terms of making our facility in line with value based care. That's when MBC has stepped up in terms of helping out our facility to promote our revenue cycle management. "

Darci Hess, Operations Director, "For us, the major challenge lied with channelizing the whole process in totally new paradigm. It was exciting and steps we have followed can further help out other ASC facilities. "

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MBC has more than 20 years for its expertise in the field of Medical Billing & Coding supporting healthcare practitioners across 40 specialties, including ASC services. MBC provides solutions that are designed to support healthcare practitioners through our team of expert revenue managers providing an end to end reimbursement process in fragile situations.

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