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Wednesday December 10, 2014 | Edition 2.80
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5 Common ICD-10 Errors Hospital Coders Need to Avoid
ICD-10 is round the corner, forcing hospitals and private practices to achieve compliance and reduce its impact on their revenue cycle. Experienced and certified coders are being hired to ensure that coding errors post ICD-10 implementation don’t affect their timely reimbursements. The demand for well-trained coders has increased because providers don’t want inaccurate coding to disrupt the cash flow.

Industry facts:
The conversion to ICD-10 will cost the healthcare industry between $475 million and $1.5 billion over ten years due to staff training, change in systems and loss of productivity
As per a survey by Black Book, the number of hospitals outsourcing coding and clinical documentation services will grow before 2015 ICD-10 transition
Clinical documentation (vital for accurate ICD-10 coding) will be outsourced by 71% of hospitals by October 01, 2015
Clinical documentation (vital for accurate ICD-10 coding) will be outsourced by 71% of hospitals by October 01, 2015
ICD-10 Errors that Coders Need to Avoid
Here are the five common ICD-10 errors that hospital coders need to avoid
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How Prepared are you for the CPT 2015 Upgrade?
CMS recently announced the CPT coding changes for 2015. Approximately 500 coding changes will go into effect from January 01, 2015. In order to obtain timely reimbursement for the rendered services, providers are looking for experienced coders who are well-trained in handling these changes.
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News Feed
The American Hospital Association and six other organizations representing hospitals have sent a letter to congressional leaders urging them to avoid any further delays of the transition to the ICD-10 coding system
2 According to the CMS, inaccurate use of CPT codes can result in the greatest number of improper payments for physicians
CMS Updates
1 Reminder for 1st-Year Providers: Hardship Exception Application for 2014 CEHRT Issues Due 11/30
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2 Meeting Stage 2 Summary of Care Requirements
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Enhancing Productivity of Medical Coders

According to the Healthcare IT News, here are six ways of decreasing the negative effects of ICD-10 on productivity of medical coders:

  • Scheduling testing with trading partners
  • Hiring more certified coders
  • Practicing ICD-10 coding on real medical records
  • Delegating coder work on the basis of specialties
  • Automating processes
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