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Wednesday August 29, 2012 | Edition 1.14

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Billers & Coders show a stronger incline to Hospital Billing Jobs...

The job market for healthcare skilled workers is the fastest growing occupation in the medical billing industry. Billers and coders are in an advantageous position of choosing the discipline they want to join.

What has created this boom for Medical Billers & Coders?
Lengthy insurance claim filing procedures created a need for medical transcriptionists.

Employer Size influences the Pay Scale of Billers & Coders
The average wage for a biller and coder in a Hospital is $35,870 as opposed to $28,460 in a physician’s office.

Groups within Healthcare Industry that offer higher wages
According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the following are the top three paying industries:

  • Pharmaceutical: $61,210
  • Business, Professional, Labor, or Political Organizations: $ 45,850
  • Federal Government: $45,120
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Average annual salary went up by $1400 in the year 2011 for a medical coder; this trend is expected to continue.
2 According to U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment opportunities for health information technicians are likely to grow by 20% between now and the year 2018.
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Benefits of a Career in Billing and Coding

The growth rate in medical billing and coding jobs is phenomenal. With the ever changing face of the US healthcare industry, billers and coders are contracting better opportunities and attaining greater career heights. A career in medical billing and coding opens new avenues for skilled professionals and brings with it an array of benefits. Here are some evident advantages of working in the medical billing sector.
  • A short term training course can prepare you for a fulfilling career in medical billing.
  • You can choose to work in any discipline of your preference such as hospitals, private practices, insurance companies, and government agencies.
  • It offers the flexibility to work from home, as a consultant or to be self-employed.
  • It opens many other doors of opportunity within the medical sector depending on your certification, specialization and administrative knowhow.
  • Billing and coding jobs offer competitive salaries and a steady growth in the employment market ensures longevity of career and job security.
A good training course has the potential to accelerate the progress of your medical career that has allowed many billers and coders to have a successful career and in identifying new growth verticals.
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