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Wednesday July 03, 2013 | Edition 1.40

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Billers and Coders in demand as they help physicians evade health care fraud!

With increasing healthcare fraud and healthcare costs, physicians are working hard to prevent this development leading to a marked increase in demand for medical billers and coders by physicians.

Industry Standards State
In 2007 –False Claims Act recoveries equaled nearly $1 bn.
In 2007 –Department of Justice opened 750+ new investigations of health care fraud, while the Federal Bureau of Investigation investigated almost 2,500 health care fraud cases
In 2011 - HHS recovered $ 4.1 bn. in health care fraud
In 2012 - The government allocated an additional $350 mn. for anti fraud policing
Health care fraud is the most apparent and worrying factor that has increased health care costs!
Why Health Care is susceptible to Fraud?
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How can medical billers and coders help control health care fraud? Read More
ICD-10 transition - role of clearing houses and the need of Medical Billers and Coders!
The upcoming ICD-10 brings innumerable changes to care providers working environment not only in terms Read More
News Feed
BLS projects that medical coding and billing will continue to remain as one of the top fastest growing occupations for many years to follow.
2 Increasing demand for detailed records has resulted in new medical coding and billing jobs in physician offices, large group practices, home health care services, outpatient care centers, and nursing and residential care facilities.
CMS Updates
1 Medicare urges seniors to join the fight against fraud. Read More
2 Trustees Report shows reduced cost growth, longer Medicare solvency... Read More
Assessing the diverse career opportunities in Medical Billing and Coding

Besides the obvious career choice of working with health care provider practices, medical billing and coding specialists can also work as
  • Advisors or consultants for practices providing guidance on billing processes and compliances
  • As medical billing and coding specialists working in billing companies serving many practices and specialties
  • As consumer billing advocates
  • Work for private insurance and local, state, and federal government agencies as Insurance and coding specialists
  • Consultants or advisors to liability and malpractice companies
Career in medical coding requires you to be equipped with the skills necessary to perform a range of activities including submitting claims to varied payers; resolving inconsistency during claim denials; understanding and using a classification system to allocate codes for all patient diagnosis, also involving research and much more to procure maximum reimbursements.
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