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Thursday July 17, 2014 | Edition 2.30
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Coders Act as Project Managers for ICD-10 in Small Hospitals
ICD-10 transition is going to have a major impact on many areas and organizations in the US healthcare industry. Considering the staffing issues and other challenges, small hospitals need to be well-prepared for the change. In order to avoid potential adverse administrative effects and coding backlogs, such hospitals need expert coders who can also act as project managers in the ICD-10 transition.

Industry facts:
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 21% of job growth is expected for coders and billers by 2020
Working in a small setting allows coders to become more proficient in denial management and process improvement
Small or rural hospitals are often the primary employers of skilled coders in their area. Small hospitals serve around 19% of Americans whereas, rural hospitals make up for almost half of the US hospitals  
Coders as Project Managers at Small Hospitals:
Due to the lack of skilled resources, coders don the project manager hat in small hospitals.Apart from coding, they are also expected to perform other administrative support duties. –
Vital ICD-10 Strategies that Small Hospitals Shouldn't Put on Hold
The ICD-10 compliance date may have been shifted to 2015 but small hospitals need to keep working on certain areas for a smooth transition. They need certified and experienced coders and billers to meet the healthcare challenges and ensure readiness by next year ...
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Coders with a Certified Professional Coder credential suffer 1.7% lesser unemployment rate as compared to the national average of 7.4%
2 New Jersey is one of the highest paying states for health IT and medical record jobs
CMS Updates
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Benefits of Becoming a Certified Coder:

  • On an average, certified coders earn more than their non-certified counterparts
  • CPC and CCS coding certifications are recognized nationally
  • Coders having one or both the mentioned credentials are more likely to get a high-paying job in a hospital or private practice
  • Certified coders have a higher chance of getting work-from-home opportunity as compared to non-certified coders
  • Hospitals and private practices in the US are more likely to offer employee benefits like health insurance and 401(k) program to a certified coder
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