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Tuesday April 16, 2012 | Edition 1.20

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Growth in career prospects for Billers & Coders with Medicare & other coding changes!

As Medical Practices face increasing coding regulations and changes, the job scope of medical billers and coders too has broadened offering the fastest growing opportunities in the health sector.

Industry Standards State
Medical billing and coding jobs are expected to go up by 21% by 2020 - double the average growth for all jobs in the United States over the next ten years.

Imminent trends and changes- Currently medical billing and coding has become more complex than ever before, affected by various regulations and changes, the most prominent upcoming ones being-
  • ICD-10- CM code set on October 1, 2014, demands qualified coders’ key participation
  • Transition to Accountable Care Organization model will increase demand of coders to help align this process.
  • Medical Practices providing services to Medicare Advantage (MA) plan patients too need to gear up to new coding changes to keep their cash flow stable.Groups treating mainly MA patients will need to get newly trained and experienced medical billers and coders.....Read More..
Physicians prefer hiring certified billers and coders to avoid various coding errors and increase revenue at their clinic!
Providers and patients both are acutely aware that medical coding errors are the core of ... Read More
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The US Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that medical coding and billing will remain among the top fastest growing occupations for many years to come.
2 More than 500,000 practicing US physicians and hospitals rely to a great extent on medical coders and billers for billing services to get paid for their medical services
CMS Updates
1 CMS Announces Opportunity to Apply for Marketplace Navigator Grants.. Read More
2 CMS Ensures Greater Value For People In Medicare Drug And Health Plans... Read More
3 October 1, 2014, Deadline Firm for ICD-10... Read More
Considering a career in Medical Coding?
  • This career choice is ideal for those who are detail oriented, organized, can work in a fast pace environment and congenial to work in a constantly changing career field
  • As coders need to pay close attention to detail, accuracy is an essential in this job. Medical Coders require the right aptitude and determination to carefully process their work as they are solely responsible for ensuring that the correct codes are entered into the correct places
  • Coder’s area of work extends to nursing homes, private practices, insurance companies, hospitals and the recent trend of work from home. Coders require being independent workers who are confident in their abilities
  • Working in a hospital or large practice setting may require working nights, weekends or rotating shifts. However this is one of the few health-related careers which requires very less or no direct contact at all with patients
Career in medical coding requires you to be equipped with the skills necessary to perform a range of activities including submitting claims to varied payers; resolving inconsistency during claim denials; understanding and using a classification system to allocate codes for all patient diagnosis, also involving research and much more to procure maximum reimbursements.
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