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Thursday November 29, 2012 | Edition 1.16

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Highest number of billers & coders employed by California, Texas & Florida in 2011

With the advent of electronic health records (EHR) the demand for the number for medical billers and coders is poised to increase especially as the use of EHR becomes more prominent. However the number of medical billers & coders in a certain state is also largely dependent on the size of the medical industry, with certain states depicting higher employment figures compared to others.

Regions which hired the maximum number of medical billers & coders in 2011 -
  • States - The state of California in 2011 employed the maximum number of medical records & health information technicians in US, with Healthcare organizations in California hiring 17,470 individuals in the profession; followed by Texas, Florida, New York & Illinois
  • Cities-
    According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) the Chicago metropolitan area led the way amongst the cities and employed 5,310 health information technicians, followed by Los Angeles, New York, Houston and Phoenix


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American Hospital Association (AHA) survey results depicted that - approximately 18% of billing and coding positions remain unfilled due to lack of qualified candidates.
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Improving your career prospects with professional certification & training:

Though not mandatory, medical billers and coders are recommended to obtain certifications from national associations. Prior to professional certification the training can range from two to four years of college, a technical school diploma, certificates from correspondence courses, to home study programs.

Professional medical billers and coders are in very high demand as billing for services in healthcare is more complicated than in other industries, hence to acquire proficiency in healthcare medical billers and coders will benefit with continued basic training, clinical supervision and professional development.

Typical Course Requirements include:

  • Medical Office Procedures
  • Medical Keyboarding
  • Medical Terminology
  • Health Structure and Function
  • Health Care Records Management
  • Medical Insurance
  • Survey of Pathology
  • Healthcare Laws and Ethics
  • Basic Coding ICD-9-CM
  • Basic Pharmacology
  • Medical Transcription
  • Externship
  • National Exam
  • General Education Requirements

Due to a lack of qualified candidates 18% of billing & coding positions remain unfilled according to a survey by the American Hospital Association, as most companies and practices look for schooling and experience to avoid legal ramifications due to incorrect billing practices.
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