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Tuesday, February 7,2012 |  Edition 1.5

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Hospital EHR payments doubled in the last quarter exceeding $1.9 billion
Hospital payments escalated to more than double from October through December 2011 exceeding $1.9 billion, through the Medicare and Medicaid electronic health-record (EHR) system incentive programs, as reported by CMS’s latest monthly report. Both physicians and other eligible professionalís payments also increased 99% during the same period to nearly $570.4 million.      Read More...
Doctor of the Month
Dr. Name : David I. Slamowitz
City/State : Greenwood,CO
Credentials : MD
Specialty : Sleep Disorder
Medicine isnít my life, people are. Your health and well-being are my main focus, and I believe...
States mimicking Medicare - experimenting with Accountable Care Models for Medicaid
Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) modelís popularity is growing and mirroring Medicare almost 11 states are trying ACO models for their Medicaid programs by adding initiatives resembling ACOís to their programs, moreover various providers who initially were vary of Medicare ACO    Read More...
Reimbursement cuts: Texas doctors using personal resources
Small private practices struggle to survive, even as Texas Medical Association (TMA) President reported a significant worsening of the practice environment with various physicians using money from their personal reserves or secured bank loans to keep their practices going. According to AMA news nearly 51% of Texas doctors dug into personal funds. Various national reports also suggest a large number of doctors quitting private practice due to financial pressures caused by health system reforms      
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