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Thursday June 28, 2012 | Edition 1.8

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New Mexico opens ‘New doors’ for Medical Coders…
Prevalence of chronic diseases in New Mexico has increased the consumption of healthcare services like oncology, radiographic imaging, laboratory testing and other specialties. This has boosted demand for billing and coding professionals.

These developments have identified the following trends: There are reportedly 1290 medical billers currently employed in New Mexico healthcare service.
  • An evident rise is seen in demand for billers that are well versed with HIPAA standards.
  • ICD-10 trained professionals see a hike in their pay.
  • New billing and coding professionals can expect salary to span from $10.59 to $14.33 per hour
  • Recruiters view this as a rare opportunity that comes to pass in a long period of time.
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What does a doctor expect from medical billers & coders?
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With ICD-10 implementation, medical billers’ hourly rates have seen a hike of 20-22% in states like Arizona, New Mexico, Tennessee, Michigan and Idaho.
CMS Updates
1 Denise Buenning from CMS Answers the Industry's Top Questions about the Version 5010 Upgrade
2 CMS announces partnership to improve dementia care in nursing homes
Tips to make your Resume more Appealing to Recruiters:

Medical billing job market is becoming more competitive with time. In order to stand out and get noticed, why not apply few simple techniques and make your resume more inventive to attract potential employers. Here are some tips that can help you create the desired effect:
  • List out your skills and experience in a succinct manner
  • Clearly mention your Certifications and trainings undertaken
  • Mention what areas you specialize in. Ex: orthopedic billing, radiology billing
  • Mention professional associations you are connected with
  • Talk about your accomplishments and rewards
     Improve your job prospects and connect with recruiters now to leave a lasting impression!
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